10 Fun and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Family Kissing Mom

Mother’s day is coming really soon.  Even the kiddos know when this day will be celebrated and they too can be part of this special occasion. Why not give them some easy tasks that they can do on Mother’s Day.  If you are tired of searching for possible activities for the kids on Mother’s Day then feel free to check out below to give you some hints.  We present to you the top ten Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids.  They are fun and easy to make.  The kids will not be bored with these activities neither would they be frustrated because all of the crafts mentioned here are easy to follow.  Supervision is still advised at all times.  If you are ready to rock, check out our list and get started.


Forget Me Not Tote Bags

Hand Print Tote

Give Mom something that she could use like when she goes shopping for groceries or just something to keep her things together. Make Mom a Forget Me Not Tote Bags for Mother’s Day by following the steps on this blog: Paint Cut Paste. Mom can now have her unique and awesome bag to keep her groceries and other valuables intact. This bag is extra special because tiny hands decorated it and made it wonderfully with love.


Decorative Tile Coasters

DIY Coasters

It’s fun to decorate and make things in the house more lively and colorful.  Kids can help decorate the table by making these lovely Decorative Tile Coasters.  They are so easy to make that even the little ones can do it.  For the demonstration on how to make this project, check out DIY Maven for more details.  Keeping the table tidy and free from spics and spats of the drinks’ glasses is now more fun and prettier with the decorative tile coasters.


Painted Paper Roses

newspaper roses

If Mom loves roses but you are afraid that they will wilt and wither in time then why not make roses that will last forever. These painted paper roses are very easy to make and you’ll mostly need those old newspapers to create. These roses are also good table centerpiece for your Mother’s Day dinner at home. To check out the procedure, please see Zakka Life for more information.


Beaded Necklace

Wool Necklace

Mom loves accessories so much that she always wears one in every outfit that she has. If you are planning to give Mom a necklace on Mother’s Day, why not make your very own? These beaded bracelets work the charms and are very easy to make. To be guided on how to make these awesome accessories, please see Kleas Blog for more details.


Matchbox Locket

Mother’s Day is a special day for Mom and it’s like an unwritten rule that she deserves a gift on this day.  No matter what it’s worth or its size, it’s the thought that counts.  If you want to give Mom a locket on Mother’s Day, you can do so even by just using scratch materials.  Transform a matchbox to a beautiful locket which Mom can wear around her neck on Mother’s Day.  For the step by step procedure on how to make this Matchbox Locket please see Lilly Cakes for more information. This is a darling keepsake that Mom will surely love and adore!


Potted Pipe Cleaner Posies

Mom loves flowers.  If you would want to give Mom some flowers on Mother’s Day but would want to make it unique, try out this Potted Pipe Cleaner Posies for a change.  You’ll only need few materials to make this craft.  For the detailed procedure on how to make this project, please check out Makes and Takes.  Your kids can now make their very own bouquet in few minutes.  This bouquet is made especially with love only for Mom on Mother’s Day.


Cupcake Carnations

Flowers are one of the most gifted items on Mother’s Day.  To trace back the history when it all started, carnation has been the unofficial flower of this special tribute for Moms.  If you are having a hard time finding carnations, you can make your handmade flowers in just few easy steps.  You can use cupcake liners for this project and transform them into a bountiful bouquet of carnation.  Check out Creative Jewish Mom for the guided details to follow.


Photo Bookmark

If Mom loves to read often then gift her bookmark.  Bookmarks can be bought in bookstores but why not make her a special one on Mother’s Day.  Transform photos into a memorable marker for her favorite book.  For the easy steps on how to make this craft don’t forget to check out Make and Takes.


I Love You Photo Frame

Pictures capture the moment and memories are hard to delete.  Snap a sweet memory and make them hang on the wall all year long.  Check out Inadvertent Farmer for the detailed procedure on how to make this wonderful keepsake that will be a perfect addition to Mom’s decoration at home.


Mother’s Day Flap Book

This is a one of a kind card that kids could make.  Write down every reason why you are thankful for Mom.  You would surely bring joy to her heart as she reads your open letter to her.  To check the steps provided on how to make this darling flap book, please visit Wayward girls crafts for more details.

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