Top List: 12 Days of Christmas Gifts: A Dozen of Surprises for Your True Love


It is so romantic to have a gift giving countdown for someone you truly love. Just like in the famous Christmas song. twelve days before Christmas, everyday, your true love will be receiving a surprise gift just like in the song. The idea is to start on December 14, but it is your choice whether to start at 12th or 1st day gift idea.

Here is our version of the 12 Days of Christmas with a Twist.

First Day of Christmas: One Diamond Ring

On the first day of Christmas surprise your true love with a yellow gold garnet diamond ring. Garnets come in lovely colors but the most popular shade of garnet is its deep red color. It is mostly associated with faithfulness, truth, grace and sincerity and loyalty. This gift idea has an elegant style that your true love will really appreciate. Start your 12 day of Christmas with a gift that is genuinely from your heart.

The men can receive a titanium or cobalt ring for this. They look gorgeous.

2nd Day of Christmas: Two Cute Pigs

Isn’t this a lovely gift for your loved one this Christmas? On the second day of Christmas, Give your true love a pair of Crystal Keychain. This pair of keychain has a cute design perfect for lovers this Christmas. It is made of high quality zinc alloy and diamond which are imported from Czech. These come in a gift box just right for gift giving. This gift idea is a lovely pair of keychain, for a couple who is truly in love with each other.

3rd Day of Christmas: Three Jewelry Trays

On the third day of Christmas give your true love an elegant 3 layer cufflinks or jewelry storage. This is specially made in London, UK. This is a perfect gift idea for your love one where they can keep their cufflinks or special jewelries. The top layer has a lid with small compartments for cufflinks and ring storage. The middle tray has bigger storage for bigger stuff like watches and bracelets. The third layer is somehow like the second layer. This gift idea is absolutely an animal friendly item. It is made from manmade leather with soft lining to protect the jewelries and cufflinks inside. Great gift idea perfect for organizing your loved one’s cufflinks and jewelries.

Men can get three wallets.

4th Day of Christmas: Four Flameless Candles

On the fourth day of Christmas give your loved one four flameless candles with remote control. This is absolutely a great gift idea for Christmas. This is one of the best selling flameless candles in the market, this provides gorgeous warm glow without the need of lighting it up. With this gift idea there will be no worries about the melting wax, open flames and harmful fumes. This flameless LED candle comes with 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” remote controlled candles. This will warm up your loved one’s Christmas.

5th Day of Christmas: Five Pearl Bracelets

On the 5th day of Christmas give your love one five set of freshwater cultured pearl. These pearl bracelets have a natural properties and process of pearl. Formation that is defined by each pearl’s unique and exquisite beauty. These pearls are carefully gathered from freshwater lake and river mollusks. This gift idea looks elegant and expensive but with a price that will fit your budget. It is a wonderful gifts for your loved one this Christmas.

The men can receive a wooden bracelets for this idea.

6 Day of Christmas: Six Wooden Coasters

On the sixth day of Christmas give your true love 6 piece-set of handmade of Eco friendly wooden absorbent round rack holder coasters. Each measures 4’ long and 4’ wide and 2” thick. This lovely gift idea is handcrafted out from Indian Rosewood which has great durability. The coaster holder has a lovely flower design and artistic leaf brass inlay that makes this gift item a great décor as well. Just right for a holiday gathering.

7th Day of Christmas: Seven Handkerchiefs

On the seventh day of Christmas give your true love a seven-piece of cotton handkerchief with box. Each handkerchief is made of 100% cotton especially made by Y&G. it comes in a box that is ready for gift giving. This gift set looks wonderful and is really soft since it is made from pure cotton. It has fairly good price and great quality too. Just a lovely gift for your true love this Christmas.

8th Day of Christmas: Eight Chocolate Truffles

On the eighth day of Christmas give your true love a luxurious lacquer box filled with delicious 8 premium chocolate truffles. This gift idea comes with a genuine black top grain leather accessory tray. It is like giving your loved one two gifts in a price of one gift item. These truffles re made from 99% of organic ingredients in white chocolate, milk and dark truffle flavors. It such a sweet treat for your true love.

9th Day of Christmas: Nine Stones-a-Sipping (Whiskey Rocks)

On the 9th day of Christmas ninth day of Christmas give your true love a set of 9 whisky chilling rocks. This gift idea includes 9 grey sipping stones made from natural soapstones that chill your drink without diluting its original flavor. It preserves the flavor because soapstones do not melt and add water on your favorite drink. This is a perfect gift for your true love and perfect for your cocktail Christmas party.

10th Day of Christmas: Ten Lips-a-Kissing (Lip Balm)

On the tenth day of Christmas give your true love a sweet set of ten-piece assortment of Candy Kisses natural lip balm. These are fun-flavored lip balm in cute and pretty tins. It makes lips moisturized, smooth and it also acts as a sunscreen for your sensitive lips. It has added vitamin E and Aloe Vera for beautiful looking lips. It has five flavors, 2 tins for each flavor. These lip balms are awesome gift to give.

The men can receive 10 ties for this.

11th Day of Christmas: Eleven Tea Flavors

On the eleventh day of Christmas give your true love a basket of holiday themed food gift set. it is a perfect gift for the holiday season. It has a good combination of chili and cornbread all packed in a fabulous basket. It comes with cheese, crackers, seasonal beverages, cookies, cheesecake desert and a lot more. It also comes with a free gift message for your loved one.

12th Day of Christmas: Twelve Gorgeous Photos

On the twelfth day of Christmas give your true love a 12-opening wooden wall collage photo, where he or she can place all your happy moments together. It is a dozen of happy memories place on the wall. She or he can reminisce good times you have just by looking at this photo frame. Let your love one showcase his or her favorite photos with this wooden frame with clear Plexiglas cover. This is such a memorable and thoughtful gift idea for your true love.

Christmas is the season of giving and loving. Surprise your true love with 12 days of Christmas gift giving. She or he will definitely be surprise t receive gifts every day. This will definitely be a memorable Christmas for both of you.

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