Great 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

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You and your husband are about to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary. It is important to know the symbolism associated to the type of anniversary you and your spouse are celebrating. Crystal is the traditional gift symbol associated to 15th anniversary celebrations. For modern gifts watches are what are given during this kind of anniversary.

Your marriage is compared to a crystal that is so delicate and precious; it needed to be handled carefully and be kept securely like someone  might steal it from you. Your time spent together and what your will spend in the future is what the modern gift watch stands for.

Make your anniversary the most fabulous and romantic celebration you had yet. I am looking forward that you spend even double the years you reached now. Take a look at these gift ideas for your husband on your 15th wedding anniversary.

Rome Brass Sundial – Grow Old With Me

This gift idea is a functional brass sundial with a polished brass finish perfect outside or in his office. It is made of solid thick brass casting that has polished brass gnomon (gnomon is a part of a sundial that cast the shadow, in Greek word it means “indicator”.) The romantic part of this gift idea is the poem on it written by Robert Browning – “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be” I bet that this is the most used phrase on sundials!

Gondola Dessert Cruise

How you wish that you can spend your anniversary in the most romantic place – Venice. But if your budget restricts you, no worries because you can make your own Venice experience and your husband will love it too for sure. Just sit back and relax while you and your husband enjoy a romantic gondola cruise. Have some sweets and delicacies while enjoying a cruise in style. Pick from variety of desserts with sparkling cider to make the cruise the most special night you both had yet!

Couple’s Anniversary Two Tone Mug

Show him that you are still madly in love with him through this simple gift. Display your love and celebrate your anniversary everyday as you drink coffee in the morning together or enjoy a hot cocoa drink near the fireplace beside each other. Simple things may mean a lot. This gift idea is personalized with your names and wedding anniversary date. You can opt to change the font, size and even the color! You can add a crystal or watch figure on it since they symbolizes your 15th anniversary.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Essence Red Wine Goblet

A set of 2 Lismore Essence red wine goblets in a Waterford gift box is really a wonderful gift to give your husband. It is crafted from brilliant crystal with wedge and diamond Lismore cuts. It also has a slender stems with an oversized bowls for a sexy look. Impress your husband with this gift idea. It is much better to pair it with a bottle of red wine.

TechnoMarine Men’s Cruise Original Chronograph Blue Watch

This will look perfect on him and for sure he will love this gift idea. First good thing about this gift idea is it has a warranty. TechnoMarine has a 2 year warranty that you can really depend on incase the watch accidentally broke, but of course we are not hoping it will happen.

It has a quartz movement and made of durable mineral crystal that protects the watch from scratches. It is made from stainless steel and water resistant, just perfect for a holiday vacation by the beach.

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen

Crystals for 15th anniversary gifts? Then Crystal gift he gets! Its clip features the Swarovski Brand name and has high quality refill with a body filled with 160 sparkling crystals. This goes with a stylish velvet pouch. He can use this at work or just keep it as a memory of a wonderful milestone you had reached together.

Romantic Dinner for Two in NYC

Isn’t it romantic to spend a romantic night with someone you dearly love and the best part is you have a personal chef to prepare a romantic dinner at home! Your personal chef will prepare a delicious4 course dinner just for the two of you. Surprise your husband when he gets home. If your husband is a health buff you can also discuss it with your Chef the food preferences and dietary concerns.

MQ998 Cell Phone Watch Mobile

Why don’t you surprise him with this great anniversary gift? This is a quad-band phone that will surely work on a GSM network. It has an FM Radio tuner that let him listen to his favorite radio station whenever and wherever he likes. It also has a Touch screen feature that is so easy to use and responds really quickly for easy navigation. It functions as a regular touch screen mobile phones. He will love this gift for sure!

Long Beach Wine Tasting Cruise

Seat beside with your husband as you take a cruise though the waters along the Long Beach Peninsula. Enjoy sipping the wine while enjoying the view along Long Beach. This cruise includes four wine tastings and four paired appetizers. This is a perfect gift you can give him on your 15th anniversary. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Silver & Smoked Quartz Crystals Watch Movement Cufflinks

This is another refreshing gift idea to give your loving husband on your anniversary. These cufflinks are made of silver plated with vintage watch parts and crystal accents. It is a combo of a traditional and modern gift idea for 15 anniversary celebration-“Crystal and Watch.” This is an out of the box gift idea your husband will truly love.

Spending 15 years together is a tough thing to achieve, but everything will look easier if you both worked hard to make your marriage work well. Marriage is like a crystal that needs to be handled carefully. It is something so precious that needs to be taken good care of. Happy 15th anniversary to both of you!


  1. Hello Kathln,
    Thanks for providing ideas for wedding anniversary gifts. I will definitely try it out and just want to see the expression of my better half.

  2. jennifier says:

    Your all ideas are great. Really beyond my imagination…. I love all of them. Last month we have celebrated our 5th marriage anniversary and I gave a crystal photo frame to my hubby with our honeymoon picture. It is awesome and he likes it very much. My husband took it in their office and placed it at his desk. It gives a special feeling when I go there.

  3. Side Effect says:

    Nice gifts.

  4. I got my husband a rainbow sundial that I found online for our anniversary and it was a big hit – he really liked it. It was hand made just for us, and it tells perfect time. We had the man who makes them put a date line for our special day and this year the time shadow touched the line perfectly on our anniversary, just as he said it would. This morning the little glass anniversary sundial on our window sill is making the most beautiful rainbow in our room, a really touching and dramatic symbol that comes whenever the sun shines. Brilliant!

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