Fun & Thoughtful Presents: Best 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

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We celebrate our birthday to give thanks and to appreciate life. Men and women celebrate their birthdays in many ways but gift giving will always be there. It is a bit challenging to find a gift for Men. You have to consider their likes, occupation and even their age group.

Men at their 20’s are so adventurous. They have so many fresh ideas and they wanted to try new things. They welcome challenges and trials. This is an exciting part of their life.

Looking for a gift for men at this age group is not that easy. They may get bored easily. I made your gift hunting easier. I had gathered cool gifts that will surely be loved by men at their 20’s. Feel free to take look at this list of great gift ideas

NFL Football Card Collector Box with Over 500 Cards

Young men love sports. NFL is one the most loved league by men and sport minded peeps. This gift is perfect for NFL fans and new collectors. This is a great starting kit for collectors and NFL fans too. It has cards from 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s. There are over 500 NFL trading cards to collect and this gift is a good start for a new hobby. This will be a great birthday gift for sure.

Silver Diamond Plate Construction Mug Coffee Cup

A man at their 20’s love to try unique and unusual things, this gift idea has an unusual design that perfectly matches young men’s taste. It looks like metal but it is made of ceramic with silvery finish. It looks like real steel that molded in to a coffee mug. It can hold up to 16 ounces. Just remind the person you will give it to, not to put it in a microwave or dishwasher.

Laboratory Shot Glasses

This is a gift to give a chemist who loves parties! This set of laboratory shot glasses comes complete with two beakers, Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask and mixing pipes. This is a perfect gift for geeky chemists to be. Each shot glass has measuring lines and can hold up to one once of drink. All are made of glass and dishwasher safe. Note: its measuring lines are not accurate; it is not purposely added to measure your drink intake. This is just perfect for his birthday party!

Nautica Men’s Boxed Pajama Gift Set

This is a complete birthday gift package. Nautica has created fashionable wears for men and this pajama gift set looks as great as other Nautica items. It is made of cotton. Its top has crew neck long sleeves and is made of 60 % cotton and 40% polyester. Its pajamas are made of 100% cotton. You will never get disappointed on how these products will look like. Nautica is a great brand and for sure this gift item looks great. It fits well and feels very comfortable giving you a good night sleep all throughout the night. This gift idea will never let you down.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Men are creative, artistic and music lover, especially the young ones. They never run out of fresh ideas. Being creative and loving music they tend to create unique things. They tend to redesign their guitars and drum sets. This gift idea is perfect gift for someone who loves music and love to be creative. This can turn almost anything into a guitar pick in just a simple punch. They can create their own guitar pick they want as long as it can fit the slot. They can use any card they want. They will never run out of guitar pick ever again.

Abyss LED Touchscreen Watch

This gift idea is really cool; it looks like you are really looking at a deep abyss. This gift idea is a Japanese-inspired LED Touchscreen digital watch. A blue and white LED lights encircles the mouth of the watch. It has a black snake skin textured leather band and a clasp buckle. Tap the screen and it will display the time. With this feature it has a longer-than-average battery life. Since this is a touch screen device, I recommend to be extra careful not to drop it, just like some other touch screen gadgets it also needs an extra care.

X-mini Capsule Speakers

Are you looking for a gift for a young music lover? This is one of the best gifts you can give him. He will definitely love a bigger sound through ceramic drivers. It has a battery life up to 8 hours when fully charged. It can be recharged via USB. Its ceramic drivers make the sound crispier and clear. It produces huge sound even though it is just a small device. It has large sound chamber that enhances the sound it releases. Small but terrible, this mini speaker works great.

8GB USB Flash Drive Bottle Opener

It’s not just a USB flash drive but also a bottle opener! This gift idea functions as an 8GB flash drives that opens bottles. Drinking and saving data comes in one gift idea. He can enjoy drinking his favorite soda while waiting for his downloads to finish. Bring it to work, load up all the files you need, bring your work at home and enjoy a cold bottle of soda. This flash drive works on Windows 7, Vista and XP, Linux 2.5 and Mac OS X and higher operating system. It is lightweight but heavy enough to open up a bottle. Just perfect for his birthday party!

Magic Wand – Programmable TV Remote

Isn’t cool to control your television just like Harry Potter? This cool gift idea has 13 magical functions to control your television. It actually learns from your old remote. Control your television by flicking the wand side to side to switch the channels and twist the wand to turn up the volume. It works perfectly with almost all television and DVR. This is way cooler than any gift around.

Skullhub USB Hub

Are you looking for a gift that is unique and interesting? Well this one is. This is another creepy addition to your desktop. A skull on your desk may sound daunting but do not be. It is a resin skull that functions as a USB hub. It has 4 USB 2.0 ports where you can attach you mouse and other USB device to your computer at the same time. It is 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. It may be a creepy gift idea but for sure he will love it.

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