The Best 20th Birthday Gifts for Her

Woman Celebrating 20th Birthday

A woman celebrating her 20th birthday somehow signifies her entering a new phase of her life. She now is entering the third decade of her life. It is a new phase of challenges and achievements waiting for her on her new journey.

As she celebrates her birthday, we also celebrate the blessings and achievements she had on her twenty years of existence. Giving her gifts will surely mark a memorable and happiest birthday yet. Here are some gift suggestions that will be loved by your celebrant.

XOXO Women’s Watch Set with Interchangeable Silicone Rubber Straps

Now her wrist watch can complement to any color of shirt she has. This gift set includes additional watch straps in different colors where she can change the straps almost every day. This gift idea allows her to play with colors, match her watch to her shirt depending to her mood. This set includes seven silicone rubber straps that are all interchangeable. This gift is so practical, affordable and has a wearable trend-conscious design. This wrist watch looks so feminine and modern. She will look alluring and confident on this. Great choice!

Silver Heart and Arrow Pendant

This necklace looks so elegant and expensive. It has a very fashionable design that complements both casual and formal attires. This is really a gorgeous gift and anyone who will receive this will really be speechless. It sparkling gem is a cubic Zirconia and its chain is made of sterling silver. This really has great quality. You will never go wrong picking this gift item for your celebrant. She will surely be delighted to see this.

Ogio Brooklyn Women’s Purse

This gift idea is made of nylon with fully padded zippered compartment for iPad, tablet or e-reader. It has a very comfortable integrated cross body shoulder strap and two large main compartments to tuck your stuff in. A hidden zippered pocket is added under the front flap for added security. This is a fantastic gift especially for ones who brings their netbook or iPad for work or school works. This is a practical gift to give her.

Soft Kitty Babydoll Shirt

Almost everyone knows Soft Kitty’s contagious lullaby. This Soft Kitty inspired shirt looks so cute. It has Soft Kitty’s lullaby lyrics printed on it. It doesn’t sing but the shirt will really look good on you. It soft cotton material feels good on your skin as if you are hug by a big Soft Kitty. This is just a simple gift idea but what really matters is the thought that comes with it. What makes it special is the love that you enclosed with this gift.

OMGpwnies Red Ladies Computer Bag

Blood red laptop bag for a wonderful young woman is a great gift to give. This is big enough to carry a 17 inch laptop and other accessories she has. She can now say goodbye to the old classic style black nylon laptop she carries with her. It has a very durable over-the-shoulder style straps that securely holds the bag. It has a wide compartment and several lined zipper pockets for small accessories. It is big enough to accommodate a 17” Macbook pro and all accessories. This is such a lovely gift for a darling.

Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups

She is in her 20’s but it is never too old to believe in magic. Make her morning more magical with this gift idea. Let these magical unicorns set a wonderful day for her. This unicorn skippers has a slip-on design that will fit feet of all sizes. It has embroidered details including the unicorns golden horns. Besides from looking so adorable they are also so soft and comfortable to wear. Make everyday a magical day for her.

Victorian Pocket Watch Pendant

This gift idea has a classic beauty. This locket is so pretty, that no doubt any one will love to have this. It has a circular opening that lets the time be viewed easily. It is has a classic beauty and functions well as a watch. It uses real quartz movement so that you will always get the correct time. This gift is so functional and complements to a casual or formal attire. Let this beautiful piece of jewelry dangle on her neck. This is such a lovely and useful gift.

Lovely Eau de Parfum for Women

This is one of my favorite scents. Personally I love giving this as a gift. I don’t really like a strong perfume that is why I love this one. This is a nice gift to give because it doesn’t smell strong, not too flowery not so strong. It has a gentle and feminine smell. This smells naturally sweet and not to overpowering. This has a unique scent that you can’t get over it. She will be please to have this and for sure this scent will turn to be her favorite too!

Women’s Thermal Jersey

Not because your celebrant is a female it doesn’t mean you have to focus on looking for feminine stuff. You can also try giving her something sporty but still has a feminine touch. This thermal Jersey is a breath of fresh air. It has a sporty look but emphasize her feminine built. This is perfect for chilly days. This is constructed to fit perfectly to her gorgeous body. This is perfect to wear for a day at the gym or just simply jogging at the park in the morning. This is so comfortable to wear and has an exceptional fit.

Water Powered Clock in Soda Can Shape

Are you looking for a gift that is useful and practical? This might be what you are looking for. This water powered clock is a unique and wonderful gift to gift. It is environmentally friendly and has no maintenance cost as well. All you need it water to power it. Yes, what you just read is right. All this clock needs to work is just water. The clock will display the time right away after filling it up with water. It is nice to see how science plays around with the things around us, there is an internal converter that extracts the electrons from the liquid, and these electrons powers up the clock. This is such a great and cool gift, isn’t?

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