Classy and Romantic 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Marriage is an endless journey, but reaching 20 years together is such a great achievement.

As you celebrate your 20th anniversary together, reassure your wife that you will love her forever. Your marriage is growing stronger as the years pass by.

China is the traditional symbol for 20 years of marriage. It symbolizes how beautiful and elegant your love for each other is, like a wine that grows sweeter as the years pass by. Many will think, “china wares” but we think you can also be creative and give her more than a piece of porcelain bowl. You can go with products that come from China or anything inspired by China.

You can also give her other symbolic 20th anniversary gifts like emerald or aster.

Here are some ideas that will make your 20th anniversary memorable.

14k Gold Round Cathedral Solitaire Diamond Ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Nothing will profess your undying love for her for the last 20 years and many more years to come like a diamond ring.

Imagine a perfect day together celebrating your love for each other and ending the day with a romantic dinner. And just like you did 20 years ago, drop on one knee and present this absolutely stunning anniversary gift to her. Make this day a day she will never forget.

10k Gold Heart Created Gem and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Made of yellow gold and topped with a 1.6 carat emerald, this gift will surely make your wife smile.

It has a diamond and emerald pendant which are the symbolic gemstones for 20th anniversary celebrations. It stands for strength and durability of your marriage. You can surprise her with this on your anniversary dinner. Play some romantic music and put this around her neck. This is going to be a very romantic night for the two of you.

10k Gold, Emerald and Diamond Ring

Keeping up with the theme of diamond and emerald, this stunning emerald and diamond ring is perfect either as an accompaniment for the pendant above or on its own.

The ring is exquisitely designed and a part of the Amazon Curated Collection of fine and fashion jewelry. This collection offer great jewelry pieces at very attractive prices.

Green Jade Teardrop Earrings

China is the traditional symbol for a 20th anniversary celebration. It stands for the elegance and beauty of your love for each other for the past 20 years. Jade is a very popular Chinese gemstone and makes a great alternative to a gift made from china.

Jade represents elegance and has a delicate and rather unique look. No two jade pieces are truly identical. Each piece of jade has its own unique color and veins that give it its special look.

These earrings are made of jade with yellow gold earring hooks that are 1.75 inches long. This is definitely a better idea than giving her chinaware that will end up collecting dust in the cupboard or china cabinet.

Polished Green Jade Bracelet

This will look good with the jade earrings above. They come along in tandem, like the two of you. You wouldn’t be complete if your better half is not around. She completes you.

Jade bracelets are very traditional and highly treasured in Chinese culture. Jade bracelets are usually passed on from one generation to another. The color of jade is believed to slowly change and grows more vibrant in color as it ages.

This jade bracelet has a very simple and sophisticated look. 2.2 inches in diameter; no chain no clasp … purely jade.

HIC Blue Willow Cup and Saucer

If you prefer to stick with chinaware on your 20th wedding anniversary, I recommend this set of 4 matching saucers, made of porcelain, a type of fine china.

Each cup and saucer in the set has the classic Blue Willow design. The Blue Willow story tells the story of a Mandarin’s daughter who eloped with her lover, who happens to be the Mandarin’s lowly accounting assistant. Unfortunately they were captured by a Duke whom the girl was supposed to marry, and were put to death. Moved by their plight, the gods decided to transform the two lovers into doves.

Preserved Real Aster Necklaces

I will let you in on a little secret. Women love, love, love jewelry. We can’t get enough of them. Shower her with a gift of creative jewelry by giving her real preserved aster jewelry.

Aster Flowers do not only look good, but they also symbolize 20 years of love. Take her back to the 70’s when flower power was groovy.

Green Tea Zen Calming Spa Bath and Body Set Gift Basket

Technically Green Tea and Zen are more Japanese than Chinese but this spa bath and body set gift basket makes such a wonderful gift, we will just ignore this little fact.

She will love to indulge herself with this calming Zen inspired Bamboo spa set in a wooden spa caddy. It has a light scented herbal bath gel, body lotion, body scrub, body butter, bath salts, body scrubber and a 100% cotton spa towel. That is a lot happiness in one gift basket.

Here’s an idea. Buy 2 of this apron and spend the day cooking your favorite meal together with your wife. This is a great way to celebrate a romantic anniversary without spending a fortune.

Your wife will love to be with you on that day. Start your day by cooking breakfast together and end it with a delightful candlelit dinner.

Precious Moments “20 Years and the Vision’s Still the Same”

Precious Moments has been creating wonderful figurines that show affection, love and care for a special someone. This is a rare collector’s figurine that makes a perfect anniversary gift. Assure your wife that your love for her has remained the same and has not changed for the past 20 years.

Gourmet Boston Dinner Cruise

Sometimes you just can’t get away from work for the entire day. Make it up to her by taking her out on a romantic dinner cruise.

Leave a note on her desk or on the bed side table. Tell her where to meet you or what time you are going to pick her up. Tell her what dress to wear but keep your plan a secret. Surprise her with a special Gourmet Dinner Cruise with a magnificent view along Boston Harbor.

Platinum Wedding Band

There are couples that renew their vow yearly. There are some who remarry every 10 years. Why don’t you renew your promises and propose to her again.

You do not need to have another elaborate wedding but try turning your anniversary night into a romantic movie scene by asking her to be with you for another 20 years or even a lifetime. Renew your vows to strengthen the same love you have for each other 20 years ago.

This ring has an elegant and classic look. Your wife will be pleasantly surprised with this idea. She will surely remember this night.

Diamond and Platinum Ring

If you have decided to renew your vows on your 20th anniversary and if you want the event to be extra special, I suggest you give her this ring.

This ring is not only majestic but it is also so elegant and so beautiful. Your wife for 20 years deserves something special, something elegant, for the undying love she has given you the last 20 years.

You have been through a lot but as years pass by your love for each other grows stronger. A marriage that has trust and respect as their foundation will go farther than 20 years. This bond will be indestructible, and your love will never fade.

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