Fun & Romantic 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts He Will Love


I bet you can’t wait to surprise your husband on your 20th wedding anniversary. First let me wish the both of you in advance, a happy 20th anniversary. Great job! It is not easy to reach this stage. It is a marvelous milestone in your marriage.

Traditional gifts to symbolizes a 20th anniversary include China, emerald and aster, but you are welcome to give something else that he will appreciate.

If you are still clueless on what to give your better half on this very special day, I will make it easier for you. Here are some suggestions that your husband will most likely appreciate. Take a look at this list of gifts and ideas on your 20th wedding anniversary.

Platinum Ring

Break the rules. It doesn’t mean that if you are the wife, you can’t give him a ring. Usually it is the husband who asks for the woman’s hand. He is already your husband so why do you have to ask? Take this as an opportunity to renew your vow to love him forever.

This ring is perfect for a guy. It has that classic look. It is made of platinum and can be worn by both men and women so get a matching ring for yourself too.

Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Platinum Finish Classic Rollerball Pen

In a successful marriage, a couple make their decision together. Neither is superior in an equal relationship. You have to learn how to consider each other’s suggestions and decisions. Giving is one of the important ingredients in a successful marriage. Having said that, your husband may or may not consult you on some of his important decisions at work but maybe you can make him feel confident that he has made the right decisions and sign those papers using this pen.

This pen will remind him of someone he dearly loves and how the two of you make decisions carefully together. The Montblanc pen has a platinum plated clip (with individual serial number), three platinum-plated rings with the Montblanc brand name embossed on it and a black resin inlaid with the Montblanc emblem for authenticity. A special man deserves a special gift.

Fred and Friends 2 Carat Cup

Mugs and rings are both common gifts but this hilarious gag gift combines both in a truly innovative packaging. At first it looks like a ring box and when he opens it he will see what looks like a diamond ring. But when he picks up the ring, he will out that the ring is attached to a mug that is hidden in the lower compartment.

It is really 2 surprises in one. The first is the surprise of receiving a ring from his wife and the second is to find out that the ring is actually a mug. In marriage you also have to include fun and laughter. Marriage isn’t just all about the serious stuff. It is also about having fun and sharing these happy moments with someone you love dearly.

Shenandoah Valley Biplane for 2

Men love having fun and adventure and this gift really hits the spot! Get him an experience of a lifetime on a Biplane. Get into your flying outfits and enjoy the thrill of the wind rushing over your face while riding in the front seat of an open cockpit biplane and celebrate the best anniversary celebration of your life! Your husband will surely love this gift.

24″ Fine Chinese Table Lamp

Your marriage wouldn’t have lasted this long if you did’t have an extraordinary love for each other. You have love that never fades. China is the traditional symbol for 20 years of marriage and this lamp was chosen for its oriental influenced design and exquisite look. This beautiful and elegant lamp will also enhance the beauty of your home or bedroom.

This makes a great gift for him especially if he loves reading before sleeping. This lamp has an extraordinary classic oriental design, with a fine fabric piped seam shade, hand carved dark stained hardwood base, secured wiring, socket and switch for your safety.

Zen Art Desktop Gong

The Chinese use a gong for announcing ceremonies, healing, communication and important events. Some believe that touching a gong will give you good luck, health and happiness but first you must ask for permission from the gong itself before touching it, paying respect to the gong spirit. Gong makers believe that gongs are empowered by high spirits.

This oriental gift makes a rather unique gift for him on your anniversary. Wish for a successful marriage and good health for the both of you.

A Nice Picnic

Tired of extravagant anniversary celebrations looking for something simple instead? Why not spend a day with him at a park or go out for a nice picnic? Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and go for a surprise out of town picnic with your husband.

Leave this picnic basket on the breakfast table to give him an idea of the day to come. It has a complete set of a couple of 8 inch porcelain plates, two 8 ounce wine glasses, two sets of 18/10 stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons for the both you and everything you need for an English-style picnic. Whatever anniversary celebration idea you have in mind doesn’t matter. What matter most is you are together and happy to celebrate your successful marriage.

We’ve Been Honeys for 20 Years Couple’s Shirts

Go out and announce to the whole world that you have been together for 20 years. I bet you will get a lot of envious stares. Spend the whole day together. Go out for a movie, go on a vacation or spend simple day at home. This couple’s t-shirt has a print on it that brags how long you have been with each other. Don’t you think that since you you have the right to try this cute anniversary idea? Get a pair of these t-shirts and spend a lovely and romantic day together.

Hugo Boss

Perfume is probably one of the safest gifts to give your husband. He will surely love this gift. You can also include this with the other gift ideas on this list or maybe add a romantic greeting card.

Hugo Boss is a trusted brand that won’t let you down. I personally gave this to my husband on our dinner date and he loved it. This has a woods and fresh citrus fragrance that is recommended for daytime use.

Dockers Brown Leather Trifold Wallet and Dockers Men’s Belt

This is another double gift idea for your better half – a nice leather wallet plus belt made by Dockers. Both are made of 100% authentic leather. This leather wallet has a tri-fold which gives more storage space. It has 10 card slots, two clear id windows and an inside bill fold pocket. The next time you go shopping together he can’t say that he forgot his card!

The Dockers leather belt is also made of genuine leather and can be hand wash. Make him look more gorgeous and manly with this leather belt.

I hope that these gift ideas helped you in making a decision on what to give your husband. It is much better not to talk about plans in celebrating your anniversary. It is much better if you surprise him. It will add more spice on your anniversary night. Congratulations to the both of you and may you spend many more years together.


  1. Nice ideas but I was rather looking for something really extraordinary! and my friend suggest me to buy a star from the sky.
    Firstly I thought that it is a joke, but IT IS NOT!
    You can buy real celestial bodies in Kingdom of Universe.
    I am still shocked! 🙂

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