3 Creative Father’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift Wraps for Dad


We all love receiving gifts but more excitement to open the present builds up when we see a beautifully wrapped gift is being handed over to us.  A wonderfully wrapped present gives your recipient the impression that you have put much thought into making your gift a perfect one.  On Father’s Day, surprise dad with a creative and marvelously wrapped gift.  If you have no idea on how to begin your quest then you have to stick around and check what we have in store for you. We have the top three Father’s Day gift wrapping ideas below.  Materials for each gift wrapping idea are abundantly available and some can easily be seen and picked up at home.  You can even use dad’s favorite past time as theme or his favorite stuff to add more enjoyment to your present.  Check out the suggestions we have for Father’s Day gift wrapping ideas and choose the perfect one for you.


Bow or Neck Tie Gift Wrap

Bowtie Gift Wrap

If your dad is a bow and neck tie kind of dad because of his dress code at work or just because then why not wrap his present to the tune of his favorite tie.  This wrapping idea looks very charming and dad would surely love how you were able to copy his favorite tie and wrap his present around it.  The bow or neck tie gift wrap is very easy to make.  You may also include a secret compartment to store your gift card on.  To follow the steps on how to make this one of a kind wrapping idea, check out Poppytalk for more details.


Ready to Wear Wrap
A Subtle Revelry Gift Wrap

Wow your dad on Father’s Day by unleashing your creativeness in wrapping his present well.  This next creative wrapping idea is eco friendly too.  You can use the shirt that you are gifting dad as the main wrapper or you may also use a thrift store shirt to wrap your real gift inside.  You can even use a brooch for a more decorative approach too. It’s like handing dad three gifts in one.  Check out A Subtle Revelry for details!


Dad, You Are Dynamite!

Dynamite Gift Wrap
Dad is your most favorite hero of all time. He is the one who told you a lot of things about life and he is always there to save you from troubles or even from yourself.  Have fun on Father’s Day and show dad how much you appreciate him.  Just like dynamite, he is an explosive person who is full of talents, kindness and love.  Dad would surely love this gift.  Instructions on how to make a matching card to compliment your gift is provided too.  For the step by step tutorial on how to make this unique and eye catchy Father’s Day gift wrapping idea, please visit Jean’s Crafty Corner.


Receiving presents deliberates an overwhelming feeling of bliss not only to the recipient but to the sender as well.  If you want to add more joy to the recipient of your gift, try making your gift look more inviting to be opened.  Making your own wrapper is not only economical but it also signifies how much time and effort you have put on that gift.  A personalized touch makes it more special in every angle you would look at it.   On Father’s Day, don’t be afraid to go out of the traditional way of wrapping your present.  Feel free to create your own style and have fun.  Remember you are making this gift extra special because the recipient of your gift is not just any person but he is one of the most special person in your life and that’s dad.  Father’s Day is a day of commemorating his great influence in your life, he is one of the prime molders of your personality so now is the time to give back.  You could do this by appreciating him more.  Some of us are not that vocal to tell him how much we love and adore him, Father’s Day may be the right time to show and tell him all of these.  Then hopefully after Father’s Day you’ll be more acquainted in telling him often.  Don’t be shy and belt it out!  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in the world and thank you for everything!

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