Best 40th Birthday Gifts: Fun and Gorgeous Presents for Women

Happy Birthday.

Women at their forties are more on having a self assured personality, beautiful and most of them are successful. They are done with changing diapers, chasing off playful kids. They have learned many lessons in life and they practice what they have learned in the past forty years of their existence.

Being at their forties may mean a lot to them. They may be anxious, upset, happy and proud. Celebrating their birthday is also celebrating their wonderful milestone and acknowledging their mishaps. Here are some gift ideas that will definitely make her happy. Check out this list of great gifts for a prestigious woman.

Sterling Silver Guardian Angel Necklace

This is a perfect birthday gift for a special woman. It is made of genuine Sterling silver. It has angel pendant that measures 1”L x ¾” W makes a beautiful accent that perfectly matches a ready to wear adjustable 16” snake chain with spring ring clasp. Anyone will instantly like this gift. This angel necklace is absolutely a beautiful gift and is made of good quality materials. It is worth to buy for someone so dear.

WeWood Moon Ladies Watch

This is one unusual gift to give. This wrist watch is made of 100% wood with a sleek and stylish design. This gift idea doesn’t just make your celebrant happy but it also helps the nature. In every wrist watch that is purchased WeWood plants a tree. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves nature or a woodworker. Its color varies depending on the type of wood used. This is also hypoallergenic and best for people with metal allergies. This is absolutely a lovely and usable birthday gift.

European-Style Charm Bracelet

Decorate your bracelet just how you like it. Giving this bracelet as a gift is a little challenging. You have to know the person well. You should know her favorite color and what her personality is. You pick what beads you wanted; it allows you to show how well you really know your celebrant. You choose from 16 different bead designs or you can even have it all! Each bracelets and charms come in a small glossy black jewelry boxes that is really perfect as a birthday gift.

Wooden Decorative Jewelry Storage Box

This is a special gift idea for your birthday celebrant. It is handmade from Indian rosewood with artistic carvings and brass inlays. This is a beautiful box to store her precious stuff, jewelries and accessories. It also has a brass latch to secure her things inside the box. For added security and care its interior is lined with red velvet that also creates a romantic style. This is a gift you can give a close friend or love one. This is a perfect gift for a woman who has vast collection of jewelries.

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

This is another unique gift idea for a unique lady. These earnings are delicately handcrafted from real blossoms. This idea makes these earrings look so feminine and special. It is such a beautiful accessory with charms that are wonderfully made. These lovely flowers are persevered in a clear resin surrounded by a good quality sterling silver. No earrings looks the same, thus the nature of each flower makes a unique and stylish design for each earring.

“A Woman’s Prayer” Oil Burner

A gift idea that is beautifully crafted stone, resin and glass is such a wonderful gift for a lovely lady. It has a design that is so feminine and beautiful. It has three women bowing their heads in a reverent look. This is a fabulous décor in the lounge, dining area or any place she wants to put it, because wherever she place this gift for sure it will create a serene ambiance all over the place.

Plantlife Spa-Therapy Kit Relax

This gift idea is made of botanical and non synthetic materials for a safe and relaxing aromatherapy. This relaxing spa set contains a bar of vanilla orange aromatherapy soap, relax aromatherapy massage oil, relax aromatherapy therapeutic mineral bath salt, and an exfoliating ramie soap sack. This is a nice gift to someone who loves organic and natural products. This gift idea has high quality. It produces a lovely smell leaving your skin moisturized and clean. Your celebrant will really love this gift of relaxation.

5 Piece Garden Tool Bag Gift Set

This is a great gift for the woman who loves gardening.

This multipurpose pink gardening bag looks so feminine. It comes with a stainless steel pruning shears, cast aluminum trowel, aluminum cultivator and a grip bypass pruner. This gift idea doesn’t just make your celebrant happy but it also helps other people. The manufacturer of this gift item supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation. A portion of their sales will go and help the foundation. You aren’t just giving a gift but you are also helping other people.

Nostalgia Electrics Frozen Beverage Maker

Anyone will love to have this gift idea. This Frozen beverage maker can make approximately four set of a frozen 8-ounce drinks. It also comes with a BPA free pitcher for you to enjoy a safe and delicious cold treat. You can create an endless variety of cold drinks with this frozen beverage maker. It can make slush drinks, smoothies, margaritas and many more. This gift idea allows you to choose between fine or coarse shaved ice textures. This comes with recipe to guide you in making delicious drinks or create your own recipe. This is a nice birthday gift; your celebrant will now enjoy making her own slush drinks at home.

Buxton Heiress Ensemble Clutch

This gift item is made of authentic crunch leather that has a full zip-around double compartment, inside zipper and slots for credit cards and ATMs. It also has a checkbook cover, bill compartments and additional card slots. Everything a woman needs in a wallet is here. You can never go wrong giving this gift idea. It is well made, durable and really has a good quality. It comes in many colors, so that you can pick the color that suits her personality. This wallet doesn’t just look good but its functionality is superb. You will not think twice to give this as a gift.


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