Top 10 Gift Ideas: 40th Birthday Gifts for Him!

40th birthday guy

What do men want? Men’s wants and desires are different depending on their age groups. Men at their 20’s are more on trying new and exciting things. Men at their forties are different. They wanted more serious things. These men are sensitive, successful and serious. They wanted things that are interesting and comfortable. They often lose their interest on things that doesn’t connect or match their likes.

Giving a birthday gift to men at this group age is challenging. You have to know their likes, hobbies and things that catch their interest. You can think of something that is practical or support them with what they love to do. Here are some gift ideas that will make your gift hunting easier and rewarding.

Whisky Stones

This gift set comes with 9 whiskey stones that are really useful in cooling drinks without changing its taste. The problem with using ice cubes is when the ice melts, it dilutes the drink, changing its original taste. With this gift item they enjoy a cold drink without changing the original taste. These are soft, causing no scratches on high quality glasses. Rinse and dry the stones after use and put them back in the freezer for another round of drinks. These 100% natural non-porous soapstones will definitely preserve the taste of any drink. This is a perfect gift for men who loves cocktails, whisky and other cool drinks. This is gift that is just right for the occasion.

Stake – Grilling Multi Tool

Men have an innate talent in cooking. Whether he is a pro or not this is a nice birthday gift to give him. This gift idea has several functions. It can be use for barbecues; it can be a spatula, tongs and fork too! This makes anyone the king of the grill. Make your Sunday off an enjoying barbecue day with family and friends. Conquer the griller using this multi grilling tool. You will never be embarrassed giving this as a birthday gift because this is really a great product. It is made of brushed stainless with a sturdy wooden handles. It will change the way he do his grilling!

Star Wars Tie Clip

Personally I am always captivated of the Star Wars story. As a child it fascinated me how the space looks like and how come there are other creatures in space besides us, and as I grow older I still find myself fascinated still. For sure men at their forties were a Star Wars fanatic even until now. They also find the show amusing and captivating. Bring back the past by giving them this gift item. This Star Wars tie clip not just for collection sake but it is also usable. It can be an elegant accessory on special occasion or formal events. It is made of rhodium-plated base metal that produces a shiny and elegant look. This is such a lovely birthday gift to give.

Doctor Who Polo Shirts

Polo shirts look so clean and comfortable. It can be worn on casual days or on golf sessions. This gift item is a “Doctor Who” inspired product that looks great. You can choose between black with a Dalek emblem embroidered in white, grey one with the Tardis emblem embroidered in navy blue or navy blue shirt with the Tardis emblem embroidered in white. It is made of 100% cotton with 3 buttons and banded sleeves. There available sizes too, so better make sure you pick the right size for your celebrant.

Star Trek Boxer Briefs (3-Pack)

If your celebrant is looking for a comfortable sleep at night this is the gift you can give him. It is not just a boxer brief but it is a galactic boxer from Star Trek! It comes in pack of three in gold, red and blue colors. It has a Starfleet insignia on the left leg that made these boxers even more special. It is soft and comfortable. It has a button fly feature for easy time for bio-breaks. It is official licensed Star Trek apparel for a genuine galactic experience. Try giving this product as a birthday gift; it is really a good pick.

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

This gift idea is designed to provide convenience off and on the road. This golf trunk has convenient features that make it so comfortable to use. It has two expandable and collapsible levels so that it adjusts depending on the stuff you keep inside it. It has compartments and dividers for shoes and other stuff you use for your golf session. It also provides numbers of pockets for gloves, tees, tools, glasses, cell phones and etc. the best feature I liked about this trunk besides being made by Samsonite is its ergonomic cushioned carry handles making it easy to bring it from one place to another. Isn’t this a wonderful birthday gift?

Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

A hard work deserves a little luxury. You can’t buy him a limousine or Mercedes Benz but at least you can still give him a luxurious shaving set. This comes with a 100% pure badger hair brush, a classic monogrammed apothecary mug, hypo-allergenic shave soap and a combination brush and razor stand. This is a nice gift for someone who likes wet shaves. The mug has a good quality, its razor and brush stands works good and the soap makes a good lather and creates a good smell. You might like to try it too if you want.

Leatherman Super Tool-300 Multitool

Most of the men in their forties are already a family man with repair duties at home. They are the one who are always on call to fix their kid’s toy, the ceilings and doors. They are the handy man in the family. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to do DIYs or pretending to be Handy Manny. It has excellent quality and durable parts. It has tough knife and lock blades. All of its tools are functioning well. This makes a wonderful birthday gift for men who loves fixing stuff. This gift item will surely meets everyone’s expectation.

Camo Wallet, Watch, Knife & Pen Gift Box

This is a perfect birthday gift for an adventurer. If he loves adventure he will surely appreciate this matches set of military-inspired items. It comes with a quartz watch, military pocket knife, wallet, keychain and a pen. All of the items included in this gift set have a camouflage design, making him feel like he is Rambo! This is a wonderful birthday gift for military minded men.

Silver and Black Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Made from stainless steel, this silver and black contoured cufflinks offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This is a great birthday gift for professionals or those who loves attending formal occasion and important events. This is such a beautiful piece of accessory that makes him looks elegant and robust. It offers good value for the money because this looks so charming and elegantly beautiful. This complements any color of suits. The price is cheap for a sturdy and good quality product. This gift will surely be loved and appreciated.

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