Best Gifts for Five-O: 50th Birthday Gifts for Her!

50th birthday gifts for her

Are you looking for something to impress a lady celebrating her 50th birthday? Are you having a hard time to find a gift for a special woman on her 50’s?

Women at this age are already an established lady. They almost have everything, and all they wanted are simple things in life. Making them happy on this special day is not really that hard. Your presence on their birthday will really mean a lot. But if you want to make it more special, here are some gift ideas that she will surely love.

LibbySue-Floral & Graphic Silk Scarf

No one can resist the beauty of this fabulous birthday gift. This beautiful scarf is made of 40% silk and 60% viscose. It has rich and dramatic color that adds dimension to your look. It is made of lightweight materials making it so comfortable to wear. The patterns are well done; it compliments almost everything in your closet. Its spring colors gives out a great look and nice feeling. Its length is just right and drapes well.

San Diego Women’s Ribbon Large Brim Hat

Enjoy a wonderful holiday with this pretty hat. It has a wide brim that is just enough to cover you from the sun. This is a fabulous travel hat because it can be folded without crumpling it, so it is so convenient to carry it even in a small bag. It is so stylish and very nicely done. A perfect travel hat for a holiday in Barbados or a cruise in the Caribbean! This is such a wonderful gift for someone who loves to travel and loves the sun!

Shoulder Wrap Herbal Hot and Cold Pack

Having backaches and shoulder aches after a nice day gardening or redecorating your room? Body aches is really something we can’t avoid. This gift idea is perfect for those who always have muscle pain and doesn’t want to take medication right away. This is an alternative way of relieving the pain. This can be used hot, moist or even cold. It helps ease the pain, relieves muscles tension, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. This has 100% natural herbs that provides relief and creates soothing aroma for overall relaxation. This is a wonderful gift idea.

Rhinestone Chain Belt

Women in style age beautifully. Being at your 50’s doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous. This gift will always remind ladies at their 50’s that the age gracefully and they still look fabulous. This gift idea is made of silver toned metal, and has 4 individual strands of different chain links. This will really make heads turn. The first strand has a thick chain link, the second strand has a ball link, the third strand is made of rhinestone link and the last strand is a chain of beautiful faux pearls. This will make your dress stylish and classy. It goes well with almost all dresses!

“Snow Queen” White Gold Plated Bracelet

This gift idea comes fresh from the Snow Queen Collection for 2013. It has 99 Zircons all in this fabulous bracelet and its extended chain inside is made of rhodium plated metal that is absolutely allergy free. The stones are heavily attached so you won’t worry that these pretty stones won’t fall off easily. This is a great gift to give. It looks so stunning and elegant. Anyone who will receive this will absolutely love and value such a wonderful gift.

Rose Gold Tone Necklace and Earrings Set

Anyone will fall in love with this beautiful set of jewelry. It has a nice and eye catching rose-gold color, smooth texture against the skin, and a stylish and elegant design. It is a perfect accessory for special occasions. This lovely set of jewelry has an egg-shaped pendant necklace and studded earrings with clear rhinestone crystals. Its vintage design makes it look expensive and elegant. This is a perfect gift for a lady celebrating 50 wonderful and bountiful years she spent. Any lady will love to have this gift.

WeWood Moon Ladies Watch

This gift idea is made of 100% natural wood, allergy free and the best feature is it helps save the planet too! This is a unique timepiece to share someone who is special. It takes years for a tree to grow tall and strong. Wewood plants a tree for each watch purchased. As you purchased this watch another tree will be planted and that tree will grow. Make someone’s birthday more meaningful by giving this gift. You already made someone happy you also helped save the Earth.

Victorian Pocket Watch Pendant

This locket pocket watch is so pretty and has a vintage look. Most of the celebrants on their 50’s are mostly born around 1963-69. They would love to see vintage designs such as this locket pocket. It has a circular opening o the lid that allows you to check the time. It also uses quartz movement to give you the accurate time. This can be worn as a necklace or just simply put in your pocket. But it is too beautiful to be kept inside a pocket so better use it as an accessory. Giving this as a gift is really a good idea. This gift will surely be appreciated and loved.

H2O Instant Water Candle Kit

Simple gift idea but really a unique gift to give. Using just oil and water you will have a unique candle. It makes you appreciate the beauty of candle light without the mess from dripping wax from regular candles. The magic of this unique gift is you only add water and cooking oil to light it up. All you need is to provide s nice vase. Each pack includes 3 floaters, 18 wicks and 20g of coloring. This will also allow you to create your own candle according to your style. This can be a great gift to give because it also a nice hobby to start with. Candle making in a unique way is a nice hobby to start with.

The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

For me this is the best gift to give someone who is celebrating their 50th birthday. It gives something to remind them of the events that happened on the decade they were born. There are so many memories to go back to. It looks so nice too. All photos are on nice thick glossy paper. It is full of trivia and many interesting things about 60s. This gift will surely be loved and treasured.

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