Ten Best Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Way to go! You are on your fifth wedding anniversary. It has been a long journey but you have more ahead of you both. Wood is the traditional symbol for 5th anniversaries. Imagine, you have already spent half a decade together.

Wood represents solidity and strength. It also represents the strength of the bond between married couples. Wood is durable and long lasting, which is what every couple dream and wish for. We all want to have a strong and long lasting marriage.

On your anniversary, give your husband a gift that he will truly remember and treasure. Here are some gift and celebration ideas for making this day memorable and special.

“Indivisible Love” Wooden Sculpture

The reason why the couple of you are still together after 5 years is because you have immeasurable and indivisible love for each other. That is one of the most important things in marriage; you do not measure how much you love each other because love is immeasurable. This gift idea shows exactly what love is.

This sculpture is hand carved by highly skilled artisans. It has lovely shapes and contours, and makes a perfect gift for your husband.

Couple’s Massage

Experience relaxation with someone you love. What better way to do that then by spending a day in relaxation with your husband. This gift benefits you as well. You too will experience a Zen inspired therapy in a nature inspired room. Somehow it relates to the wood symbol because Zen is a nature inspired theme.

Enjoy a relaxing day by having a Swedish massage in your own massage suite. You both deserve a relaxing quality time together. Rejuvenate and recharge yourself for many more years of married life ahead.

Wooden iPhone Case and Dock

Here are some really cool retro and unique gifts for him. Gifts for anniversaries are usually very predictable but you can maintain the element of surprise if you put a little twist on the gift. Yes, the 5th wedding anniversary symbol is wood but not many husbands will expect this gift. Firstly, a wooden iPhone dock cum charger cum retro telephone. Handcrafted with a base made from real wood and accented with brushed copper parts. It has a retro design and perfect for iPhone charging and can be switched from a land line to a mobile phone with just a press of a button.

Partner the dock up with a wooden design iPhone case. It protects his iPhone without adding bulk. He surely has his iPhone with him at all times. Every time he uses his phone he will surely remember his sweet and caring wife.

Kenzo Homme Woody Cologne

Since wood is the symbol for 5th anniversary celebrations, this gift suits that idea, Enzo Homme Woody perfume has an elegant wooden essence that brings out gentle and manly aromatic notes. It doesn’t just have a woody scent but it also comes in a wood-like packaging. The packaging looks like a tree trunk. This perfume is recommended for day and night wear, perfect for your dinner date. Your husband will love this for sure. Hope you enjoy your special night together.

Alex Navarre Durable Bamboo Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set

If you are looking at something you can give him that is practical, durable and suits your budget, this is the right gift for you. You will be impressed of how great this gift is. Your husband will surely appreciate this present not only because it looks terrific and functions really well but also because it comes from you.

Compass and Clock in Square Wooden Box

A relationship wouldn’t go a long way if you are not on the right path. This gift idea is a perfect representation of the great successes both of you have achieved. It also reminds you both that you have to work together and walk on the right path together. The compass represents a guide that shows the right path for the both of you. The clock represents the time you have spent together and also your future together.

Wood Inset Tungsten Ring

Isn’t this an incredible and unique gift for your dear husband? It is a man’s band with wood inset that has a nice earthly tone. It has a wooden pattern running through the center of the band, promoting the symbolic wood, the classical gift for fifth wedding anniversaries.

The ring is made from strong tungsten material that helps the band remain in perfect condition for a long time, a perfect representation of your marriage together.

Wooden Square Cufflinks

This gift is made of natural wood, stainless steel and has a mid-century style. It suits well for any type of occasion. He will really look fabulous with this gift on his cuffs. This is a gift he wouldn’t expect. Surprise him on your coming 5th anniversary.

Private Balloon Ride for 2

Experience a romantic day on an exciting hot air balloon ride. You and your husband will float effortlessly in the air without any worries because you will be guided by pilots who are FAA certified. After a romantic ride, the both of you get to enjoy a traditional champagne toast as you land followed by a buffet breakfast. Make this day a day to remember. This is an experience neither of you will ever forget.

These are cool and fun gifts to give someone you love. It is hard to think of what to give your husband because you want him to receive the perfect and most romantic anniversary gift ever. Any of these gifts will make the perfect gift for him becomes it comes from you, no matter how expensive or how simple it is.

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