6 Handmade Father’s day Gift Ideas You Can Create at Home

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Father’s Day is coming soon, have you prepared your gift for dad?  If you have not found the perfect gift for dad, why not make one?  Yes, you can create homemade gifts for the man of the hour in simple ways you never thought you could.  Homemade gifts are great since you are assured that your gift would be one of a kind and you need not to break the bank just to give dad a gift on Father’s day.  To help you out on your quest in finding the perfect gift for dad, kindly check out our top 6 suggestions below.


Duct Tape Wallet


Wallets are commonly given to dads on Father’s Day.  You can choose from a signature wallet to a multipurpose one.  Wallets can be too pricey sometimes, and if you don’t have enough funds you might get frustrated once you see the price tag.  On Father’s Day, you need not to spend much.  You can make dad a wallet if you really want to.  You can even use duct tapes to make dad a special wallet.  Who would have thought that you could create a wallet from duct tapes?  Yeah, it’s pretty amazing right?  In just few easy steps, you could make a very special wallet for dad.  You can even add compartments for his cards, ids and even add some photo to make it more personalized.  Check out About.com for the step by step procedure on how to make your very own duct tape wallet.


Pocket Tie

Pocket Tie

Giving dad something that he could use on Father’s Day makes it a convenient and memorable gift in one.  Gifting a tie on Father’s Day is very common and it is most especially useful for dads who are using them every day.  You can give an ordinary tie to dad and make it a charming addition to his wardrobe but you can also give him a tie that rocks.  Yes, you can give dad a one of a kind tie on Father’s Day by converting it to a wearable wallet.  It may sound dreamy but it’s possible.  Making dad your very own pocket tie which he could use to house his phone in or other valuables is just a breeze.  For your life hack, check Brit and Co for the detailed guide on how to make this wonderful gift idea.


Hand Stamped Handkerchief

Hand Stamped Handketchief

So you wanted to surprise dad on Father’s Day but sad to say, you’re broke on this very day.  Don’t despair; you can still give dad a simple token of appreciation by unleashing your creative side and by using materials which are already available at home.  If you are planning to give dad a handkerchief on Father’s Day and you would like to make it extra special then this handmade gift idea is the right one for you.  Making a hand stamped handkerchief for dad on Father’s Day is just as easy as one two three.  In only simple steps, you can create your very own gift for your favorite guy buddy in the house.  He is a cool dad so he deserves cool gifts like this.  To give you a hint on how to make this craft, check out Paper & Stitch for more information.


Maps Cufflinks

Map Cufflinks

Does dad love to travel so much?  If he does, why not give him something to remind him of his favorite country to visit?  He may have traveled the whole world but he will never find cufflinks similar or even close to this one.  These maps cufflinks are conveniently made at the comfort of your home.  Impress dad with your crafty side and wow him with your handmade gift on Father’s Day.  To guide you on how to make these maps cufflinks, check out Maps.com for the detailed steps to follow.


Comic Book Coasters

Comic Book Coasters
If dad is a big fan of comic books and you would want to gift him something that would remind him of his favorites then this homemade gift idea is right for you.  Materials needed for this project are easily procured and some are even available at home. All you have to do is to put them together.  This do it yourself comic book coaster is fun to make and is a no brainer project that anyone could enjoy.  Gifting dad one of his favorites and by giving him something that he could use would be a win-win father’s day gift ever.  For more details on how to make this homemade gift, please see Mod Podge Rocks Blog.


Roll Up Tool Organizer

Tool Organizer

He loves to fix things by himself.  Sometimes, mom calls him Handy Manny because of his great addiction to “do it yourself” gigs.  He has several tools for his DIY projects but he has a little problem in organizing them.  Help dad organize his precious tools on Father’s Day by making him a unique and your very own roll up tool organizer.  The materials needed for this craft are readily available at home.  You can use old and unused denim or leather and transform them to a useful craft.  Dad will now save time looking for his needed tool once you have given him this Father’s Day gift of yours.  You can label each receptacle for dad’s easy access too.  Make it more personalized by adding dad’s name on it to dedicate it to him more.  For the easy steps on how to make this craft, check out Craftstylish at your convenience.


Nothing beats a handmade gift on Father’s Day.  Aside from being cost efficient, a handmade gift signifies that you have given your time and effort in making your gift.  Dad would appreciate your gift more if you have showed much effort.  It may not cost much compared to signature stuffs that you could easily get from the market but it would weigh more in terms of love and effort.  Giving your all on Father’s Day to make dad happy and feel appreciated is do-able by gifting him your very own craft that you have prepared yourself. No costly budget required, all you need is time, effort and love in making your very own handmade Father’s Day gift.

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