7 Great Father’s Day Crafts for Children

Father’s Day will be on June 15.  Are you ready for this day?  Have you prepared a little something for dad?  If you are still wondering what to give dad on Father’s Day, well we got your back.  Even the kids can help to make it look mushier and very cute.  We have compiled the top 7 Father’s Day crafts for children  not just to keep them busy on this day but also for them to express their love and appreciation of their dads.  Let’s get started.


Stress Balls

Fathers Day Stress Balls

Dad may always be tired from work.  Most of the time he is stressed so why not ease some of his stress on Father’s Day and gift him some balloon stress balls.  Making your very own stress balls is easy breezy.  Let the kids enjoy filling each balloon with flour and finish the decorations.  Please do take note that this activity is not ideal for toddlers since they are still in the oral stage wherein they love to put things in their mouth.  School age children can easily do this with your little help of course.  For the procedure on how to make your Father’s Day stress balls, do check out Family Education for more details.


Lego Cufflinks

Lego Cufflinks

He may always be prim and proper especially when he goes to work.  If dad is fond of collecting Lego or making them, then why not surprise him on Father’s Day?  You can incorporate his love for Lego and for fashion through this simple craft.  Make dad some Lego Cufflinks on Father’s Day. It’s just like playing Lego because you are just putting things together.  For sure dad will love his new cufflinks on Father’s Day, not because he loves Lego or cufflinks but most of all it’s because the kids made them with tons of love and effort.  The step by step guide on how to make this craft is detailed at Sugar Tart Crafts.


Choo Choo Train Massage Shirt


Work may drain dad’s energy and he would greatly appreciate a massage.  Even the kids can help dad relax and soothe his tiresome muscles through this next craft idea. Repeat Crafter Me shared her ideas on how to surprise dad with a unique gift on Father’s Day.  You can bring out the best in the kids’ artsy side and let them emancipate their skills in arts and crafts by designing the drawings that you have made on this shirt.  You can create your very own town and fill them with personal decorations that may be similar to your own neighborhood to make it more beautiful.  Let the kids color and do their magic on your art work.  Once the artwork is done, you can let the kids play on dad’s back as he wears this adorable shirt that you have made.  For sure he’ll enjoy the massage that he could get every time the kids play on the train tracks.  This is an absolute hit in any household because the kids will get to play and dad will get a massage too!


Embroidered Hanky


Make your very own hankies only for dad on Father’s Day.  Surprise dad by making his handkerchiefs prettier by embroidering the wonderful decorations drawn by the kids themselves.  Dad will absolutely never find any hanky similar to this, even if he searched all over the globe since this craft is designed just for him.  The names of the kiddos maybe included or their personal message for dad too.  If the kids are old enough to sew then they can try it out for themselves but if otherwise then a little help would be appreciated.  This embroidered hanky is definitely sweeter than a monogrammed hanky which is bought in the store.  Dad will surely treasure this gift on Father’s Day and on the days to come.  Check out Pigeon Pair for the guidelines on how to make this adorable craft.


DIY Bow Tie

Button Bow Tie

Dressing up is one of dad’s favorite things to do.  If he is a big fan of bow ties then this next craft idea would be a good catch.  On Father’s Day, surprise dad with a very special bow tie.  All you have to do is to put together buttons and presto! A bow tie would be created.  For the detailed procedure on how to make this craft, you have to check out Morning Creativity.  Dad will surely look more handsome as he wears this special bow tie on Father’s Day.


Autumn Leaf Bowls

Autumn Leaf Bowls

If dad has plenty of loose change or if he does lose his keys easily then this next craft idea would be a great find for dad on Father’s Day.  This autumn leaf bowls are easy and fun to make.  The kids will surely love molding the clay into leaf like shapes and as well as decorating them with vibrant colors.  Check out the guest post at Red Tart who suggested this terrific idea.  Loose changes and keys would be a thing of the past once dad has his hands on these autumn leaf bowls.  They could also be charming decorations on his desk or coffee table since these autumn leaf bowls are wonderfully made.  The autumn leaf bowls are also refreshing to look at and would definitely be conversation starters.


Family Tree

Family Tree

The family is one of the most important groups of people which dad values a lot.  On Father’s Day, surprise dad with a family tree that you and the kids have prepared yourselves.  Kids will enjoy designing the family tree, so put them in charge of the decorations and putting the photos on its proper places. Dad will be surprised and amazed to his family heritage and the connections that you were able to showcase on your family tree.  Materials are readily available at home, so aside from being sentimental, this gift is also very practical. This will be a great decoration in the house and dad will proudly hang it on his favorite spot at home.  For more details on this craft, please do visit Tara Dennis’ blog.


Father’s Day comes only once a year, if you have not told dad how much you appreciate him then this would be your chance to show him how much you care.  Even kids can make simple crafts to convey how much they love dad!  Through these top seven crafts for sure you’ll find your favorite, don’t be afraid to try them out and see dad’s reaction on Father’s Day.

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