Awesome Angry Birds Gift Ideas

angry birds

This cool mobile game app has conquered the hearts of many kids and adults. They have become one of the best selling games for mobiles. And now they expanded their invasion from your mobile screen to your home and now everywhere. There are a lot of fans who fell in love with this Angry Birds. They are not really grumpy; all they wanted is to stop those pigs from taking their precious eggs.

Here are some Angry Birds themed items, perfect for gift giving. They are so irresistibly cute and adorable. These gift ideas are definitely functional items and fun toys as well. Feel free to take a look.

Angry Birds Advent Calendar Game

This gift idea is based on the best-selling phone apps game. Who would not know how to play the Angry Birds game apps? This Angry Bird themed advent calendar is a premium calendar for an ultimate Angry Bird fan. This has 24 windows that has different Angry Bird themed gift. All toys in each window can be used to make a complete game. This Angry Birds advent calendar comes with a launcher, some blocks, Angry Birds, Pigs and mission cards to add more fun on the game. Now all Angry Bird fans can play their favorite game outside their smartphone.

Angry Birds Lounge Pants for Men

This is a cozy gift idea for an ultimate Angry Bird fan. This red Angry Bird pajama has full elastic waistband with drawstring, button fly and Angry Birds printed all over the pajamas. It is made of 100% polyester. This gift idea is machine washable and so easy to clean. Available in small, medium and large sizes. Great gift idea for an Angry Bird fan.

Angry Birds Backpack

What a lovely and cute gift idea suitable for kids from 3 to 8 years old. It measure 14” tall and 13” wide just right for young children. It has two zipper compartments, 2 front pockets, 2 net pockets on each sides and padded adjustable straps. It is made of soft synthetic plush skin that will make your kids hug their bag just like a real toy plush. This is really acute gift idea for young Angry Bird fans.

Angry Birds Folding Scooter with Flash Light

Big percentage of Angry Bird fans are kids. That is why a lot of Angry Bird merchandises are mostly for kids. This gift idea is a nice Angry Bird themed toy for young fans. This wheel folding scooter has cool Angry Bird graphics. It also has a flashlight from the foot deck ass added feature. This scooter is designed to have a comfortable grip for your child’s safety as well. This scooter is so easy to fold for a convenient transport and storage. This is absolutely a nice gift for a young angry bird fan.

Bomb Bird Snood Hat

This soft and cuddly snood hat is a nice gift for young and young at heart Angry Bird fans. One of my favorite Angry Bird is the black bird. I like it when it explodes and move all the blocks away. This gift idea will keep you warm and comfortable. It has a soft, furry exterior just like a bird. Feel like an Angry Bird with this gift idea. Perfect gift to give on any type of occasion.

Bomb Bird Analog Watch

I can’t stop myself loving this Black Angry Bird character. This Angry Birds analog watch for males looks so adorable. It has a fashionable and lightweight design that is perfect for everyday casual look. It is made of plastic with good quality. It uses quartz movement that will definitely give you precise time every day, as long as its battery lasts. It also has a unique rectangular style. This is a wonderful gift for a stylish Angry Bird fan. Great choice of gift idea.

Angry Birds Robe for Girls

What a lovely gift idea for a beautiful Angry Bird fan. This lovely robe is made of microfiber that is so soft and warm. This gift idea has a touch of white, pink and red color that is just right for little girls. It has a shawl collar design, an attached tie belt, front pockets, and one of its best features is this lovely robe is flame resistant; but who would let their kids play flames right? How I wish there is an adult-sized robe as cute as this.

Set of Four Angry Birds Beanie Hat – Black, Red, Yellow and Blue

A set of four Angry Bird hats. This gift set comes with four cute Angry Bird hats in black, red, yellow and blue colors. Each color represents a character. The Red Bird does nothing so special than popping pigs when tapped but I can say it hits and aims really strong. The Yellow Bird picks up speed in a distance when tapped after launching; it is best used for wood bricks. The Black Bird which is my favorite explodes when tapped or shortly after it touched the target, this is good for stones and glass bricks. The Blue Bird which is one of the cutest Angry Bird splits into three smaller birds, good in hitting glasses. This is really a cool and cute gift idea for kids and kids at heart fans.


Let these Angry Birds fly and protect their precious eggs. All of these gift ideas fit all types of occasion. Angry Bird fans will surely love these gift ideas.

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