Our Best Picks: Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

anti valentines

For those who are single, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day of celebration. For them it is just an ordinary day, no reason to spend time to celebrate.

Well we can’t blame them for they may very well have a valid reason for hating Valentine’s Day. If you hate Valentine’s Day or know of someone who does, here are some gift suggestions for you. Even though you hate the day, it doesn’t mean that the giving stops 🙂

The Ex 5-Piece Knife Set

This is really hillarious! Give this to someone who is single and hates their ex. They will love the design and will love it even more as they re-rack the knives that are included in this set. I can imagine the screams of the poor tomato.

The Anatomically Correct Unlucky Guy - Yoodoo Voodoo Doll

Might work, might not. Still, you have to admit this is really funny and oh-so stress relieving doll is perfect for those who were hurt by former ex-es. Not convinced? Check out the manufacturer’s description and see that they are SCREAMING IN EXCITEMENT!

This shirt is the easiest and the most effortless way of stating how much you are against Valentine’s Day. Well, what is the reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are a single? You can’t go out and grab someone for a date. That is so pathetic isn’t it?

The print looks excellent and the colors are rich. Warning: May not help in helping you find a date for next Valentine’s Day.

Release that hatred by cooking, painting or spending a day in the garden. Wear this apron and let everyone know how you would love to banish this day from the calendar.

The apron has 3 big pockets in front for keeping your utensils, tools and pent up anger. It is made of cotton-poly, machine washable and so comfortable to wear. This is a gift that a Valentine hater would love to have. Haters will hate.

There are times when a relationship that you thought was perfect suddenly ends. Oh why did that stupid cupid shoot my heart with his arrow and leave me in pain?

Do cupids really know how to aim? Are cupids trained and certified to choose the right couples? Blame all your relationship woes on the stupid cupid. Clearly, this is all his fault.

Don’t wallow in your anti Valentine’s Day sentiment all alone. Invite someone else to join in in your self pity.

This gift idea is good to give someone who opted to spend Valentine’s Day alone. It has a unisex design fits both male or female.

Broken Heart Ring

The broken heart. The universal symbol of a love lost. But this broken heart ring has a hidden fully mended heart inside.

This makes a suitable gift for someone who has just suffered a broken heart. The ring symbolizes that all broken hearts heal and in time the heart is ready to move on and to love again.

Release all your hatred and put it all on this Anti-Valentine dart board. This is the perfect dart for an anti-love friend. After all they say that anger is part of the healing process after a broken love.

This dart set includes 6 brass darts and a dart board mounted in an aluminum frame.

Not everyone is in love and not every one is lucky enough to have experienced love. Broken relationships are tough but it is better to have love and lost then never to have loved at all.

Heartbreaking tragedies may cause people to hate this special day. We can’t blame them for how they feel but we can do our part to support them. We can only hope that time will mend their broken hearts.

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