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Do not let the Silverstrike surname fool you! Aside from saving the world during the evenings, this gold-and-silver donning megamom writes articles while juggling taking care of her three gorgeous children and maintaning the cleanliness of the house. Beat that, Batman!

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Father-In-Law

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  As we all know, it is a day to celebrate the greatness of fathers all over the world.  You know how much your dad means to you but since you are now married and you technically now have two dads.  One dad is your biological father and the […]

Top 10: Inexpensive (But High Quality) Baby Shower Gifts

Cheap doesn’t automatically mean that an item has poor quality. For me it is something with good quality made affordable. There are still good finds for cheap or let me say affordable gift ideas. You just have to be patient in looking for the best pick! There are baby shower gifts that are so affordable […]

Very Sentimental: The Best Photo Gifts for Moms

Photos keep memories and bring happy thoughts. They somehow rekindle all the happy moments your mom have. A photo gift for your mom is a wonderful gift idea that will make her keep those happy memories with her all the time. These are unique photo gift ideas that keep photos in many different and stylish […]

Giving Thanks: Best Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

You must be glad to know that you are about to have a new addition to your family or you are about to enter parenthood. Having a child is a joy of life that nothing in this world can compensate. But knowing that these guests who celebrated baby shower with you and your child are […]

Four Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas to Knock Your Partner Off Their Feet

When we give gifts we want to surprise the person who will receive it. We wrapped our gifts to conceal what is inside it. Wrapping gifts adds excitement to the recipient. Most of the time, gift wrappers are the most unappreciated part of the gift. I love wrapping gifts and of course I want my […]

Cute and Sweet Gifts for a Female Crush

You feel anxious every time you see her. There is a funny feeling that you can’t explain whenever you hear her name, see her on the corridor or when she smiles at you. Have you ever caught yourself smiling subconsciously? These are the signs of you having a crush on someone. You can try breaking […]

Flirty, Cute but Subtle Gifts for a Male Crush

Your heart beats fast whenever you see him around. It’s like you are always day dreaming whenever you hear his name. What a great feeling to see him smile or when he mentions your name. Having crush on someone is admiring good things about a person. You admire how he looks, talks, dance, and a […]

Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Moms are strict but they have fun, Moms are great gift for everyone! That how I can describe mothers out there. I am a mother myself and I understand my mother now. I remember her saying “You will only understand what a mother feels once you are a mother” she is really true about it. […]

Touch Her Heart! Sentimental Baby Shower Gifts

Give your friend a meaningful baby shower gift that they will surely appreciate. These gifts will surely be valued and will create a sentimental memory. Baby shower is a special day for parents to create wonderful memories for the parents when the new baby grows up. This day is a day for the mother-to-be and […]

Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

Giving a baby shower gift to a friend or a family member who will soon be having their baby is like extending your best wishes and congratulations to them. All gifts are special as long as you have your love and best wishes with it. It is the thought that counts; no matter what or […]