Six Awesome Services You Can Gift When You Are Out of Ideas


Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversary these are among the special occasions that call for gift giving.   The thought of gift giving is already overwhelming for some and some people may also consider a lot of factors but the main concern is to make the receiver happy.  There are plenty of gifts to choose from; from simple gifts to expensive gifts each would create a mark.  However, what if you are too constrained with time and what if you have ran out of gift ideas?

Some people don’t want a mainstream gift and at the same time want to make his or her gift remarkable to the receiver.  With this in mind, there came the six awesome services you can gift when ideas are running low.

Personalized Song

For the hopeless romantics or if you are wooing your recipient, a gift of an original song would give your giftee sweet jitters. An original song from Songs from Scratch especially dedicated to him or her is the surefire way to win your recipient’s heart.

Talking Horse Head

A video that may showcase the important message for our loved ones, friends, or acquaintance and relaying these messages would really mean a lot to us.  However, how would you feel if the message comes from a talking horse head?  It sounds unique, interesting and definitely eye catchy, right? So silly, it is awesome!

Turn Their Minecraft Character Into a Doll

For those who adore Minecraft, why not turn their Minecraft bespoke into a cool-looking ragdoll? Hell Buddies will whip that up for you, all you need is to send an image of the character!

Professor Puppet

Speaking of characters as your medium, professor puppet may be your instrument in conveying your message. Professor puppet is ideal for bringing out your love for puppets and may lightly enhance the delivery of your feelings. Professor puppet would surely deliver your message in a highly entertaining fashion.

Caricature Services

Delivering the message through a video may be rough and spontaneity is a must. With the help caricature services, conveying the message to your giftee would be entertaining and pleasing to the eyes.  From the favorite cartoon to a cartoonized selfie of the recipient or the sender, the caricatures would speak out for you.   This would somehow bring out the kid in all of us.

Turn Them into a Video Game!

If your receiver of the gift is an avid gamer, why not gift a game that makes him or her a character of it? A personalized video game would definitely win a gamer’s heart.  Bringing out the adrenalin rush caused by the thrill in gaming plus the special characters and the game itself that is customized for the giftee would be heartwarming and exciting at the same time.

Giving someone a gift is also rewarding.  An overwhelming feeling which you can’t explain but somehow makes you think that you became a better person because you made someone happy.  In addition, if you found a gift that suits your recipient well and makes him or her satisfied with your gift would bring you more smiles as well.  The sense of fulfillment achieved in gift giving can be personalized and hassle free.  With these awesome services mentioned earlier, there’s neither more wasted time at the mall nor wasted time on the streets because of heavy traffic jam.  Looking for a gift is really tiresome and time consuming.  So it would be a win-win situation after all with these. The gift would be appropriate, customized and properly taken care of by experts.

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