Giving Thanks: Best Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

baby shower guest gifts

You must be glad to know that you are about to have a new addition to your family or you are about to enter parenthood. Having a child is a joy of life that nothing in this world can compensate. But knowing that these guests who celebrated baby shower with you and your child are also happy to see your baby soon. Thank them with all your heart for spending this day to welcome the new addition to your family. Thank your guest by giving them something to keep and remember this special day. Check out these gift ideas that your guest will truly appreciate.

“Cherry Blossoms” Frosted Glass Coasters

These frosted glass coasters are a nice baby shower favors that guests will surely love. It has an oriental design on a frosted glass that creates a wonderful look for a coaster. It has a lovely design that makes a regular coaster look so great. It makes a lovely decoration and functional too. Look so gorgeous. This party favor is made with good quality and durability. Guests will appreciate this party favor a lot.

Crown Design Bookmark Favors

This party favor has a simple design but has a majestic look. It gives a royal thanks to your guests. These crown designed bookmarks looks absolutely stunning for a baby shower favor. This party favor will be appreciated by all your guests. Celebrating this wonderful event with friends and family members is magnificent day to keep and remember. These lovely crown bookmarks are made from shiny silver metal with white satin tassel attached one each bookmarks. This is a wonderful party favor for your special guests.

“Born To Be Wild” Animal Candles (Set Of 4, Assorted)

You get 4 assorted animal candle designs for a cheap price. This party favor is so cute and perfect for this event. This set of four animal candle set includes monkey, zebra, elephant and tiger. All animal candles are individually packed in a lovely gift box perfect for giving it to your guests. They are colorful and cute little party favors that add a lively ambiance to your baby shower. This is really a nice party favor.

Kate Aspen – Ceramic Honey Pot

Impress your guest with this lovely party favor. Thank them in celebrating this important event of your parenthood with you and your baby. Thanking them will make them feel great and appreciated. This ceramic homey pot is a perfect party favors for baby shower. It is a bee hive shaped ceramic honey pot with white and yellow honey bees as accents. Its practical and useful party favor that your guest will surely love.

Scoop of Love Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Scoop

Delight your guest with this elegant baby shower favor. This stainless steel heart-shaped ice cream scoop with etched words “Scoop of love” in black script makes a lovely accent to this party favor. It comes in a white and silver gift box with white satin ribbon and bow and a tag perfect for giving it to your guest. Celebrate this wonderful day with people who are special to you and your baby.

Black & White Silhouette Baby Shower Favor Magnets

This is a party favor that your guest will always remember. These customized magnets make a nice party favor for your special guest. They will be reminded by this magnet how great and special this day is for you and your baby. this gift idea cares about the environment too; it uses 100% recycled paper. in this way you also show how much you care for the environment on how much you take care of your baby.

Mom and Baby Paper Clip Mug

This simple mug makes a great baby shower favor. It has a cool design that displays a paper clip mom and baby figure. It looks different from other design; it has fresh and cool idea that adds flair to this regular mug. A special party favor for a special day for you and your baby. this is something that will make this day memorable. It has a matching color for its handle and lip. This gift idea makes this day memorable for the parents and the guest as well.

Silver-Plated Pocket Watch

An exclusive party favor for your friends and family member who celebrated this special day for you and your baby. A perfect party favor for a perfect day! this personalized party favor makes your gust feel really special. his will truly be appreciated and valued, as much as they value this day and your baby. this is a stylish party favor for your guest. It is made from silver plated metal that can be customized; add your baby’s name and the date of this special event.

Born to be Wild Animal Photo Holders

Take a look at these adorable baby shower favors for your guests. You get four colorful resin animal figurines on a green pedestal and a metal photo holder for an affordable and reasonable price. These cute little animal designed photo holders are perfect party favor for this wonderful occasion. Imagine how delighted your guest will be to have these cute little party favors. Show your guests how thankful you are for celebrating this wonderful day of welcoming your new baby.

Pink Polka Flip Flop Five Piece Pedicure Set

I love this gift items personally. Your guest will surely love to have one of these cute polka flip-flop and pedicure set. They will be surprised to see what’s inside it. At first it only looks like a flip-flop but when they open it they will see a manicure set inside it. Imagine how surprised your guests will be when they see what’s inside. Let them pull down the zipper to reveal the surprise inside it. It is a unique baby shower favor for your special guests. Thank them in celebrating a wonderful day with you and your most awaited baby.

Your guests spare their time just to celebrate this special day with you and your little child. They are also glad to welcome the newest member of the family. Your guest wouldn’t be there if they don’t love you and your child. Extend your heartwarming thanks with these baby shower favors. Your guest will be delighted to receive these cute little baby shower favors.

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