Something Memorable: Best Baby’s First Christmas Gift Ideas

baby christmas gifts

Giving our babies a nice gift on their first Christmas will really make this day so memorable. Here are some gift suggestions that will really make a mark on your child’s first Christmas. Make your little angel’s first holiday memorable.

Here are some gift ideas!

Lamaze Cloth Book

Personally my kids’ first toys are Lamaze’s toys. I find it educational and fun for my kids. This Christmas gift idea is perfect for your baby’s first Christmas. With this toy your baby can start to learn about the different animals in the forest. He or she can be familiarized on how animals look like. It is a fun way of early learning. On each page have a fun peek-a-boo flap feature and a crinkly plush owl on the cover. Actually the crinkly plush is my favorite part of Lamaze’s toys. It has vibrant and very stimulating bright colors. This soft book is so cute that your baby will love to play with it all day long!

NogginStik Baby Rattle

This gift idea will really surprise your little angel. It has a silly face that lights up that helps your baby track his movements. It also has a textured handle for your baby’s comfortable and easy gripping. This toy encourages your child to develop his motor skills by gripping and waving this cute little rattle. It helps stimulates senses such as sight, hearing and texture sensations. It is made of a baby-safe plastic protecting your baby away from harmful materials. It needs three 1.5V button cell batteries. It is so easy to clean, just use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean away dust and dirt.

Baby Drum Musical Toy

You can introduce music to your baby even on an early age. Let them be familiarized with different sounds and musical instrument. This toy produces real drum sound from high quality and durable plastic drum head. It comes with two child safe sticks specially designed for young ages. It also has a specially designed break-away neck strap for your child’s safety as well. This gift idea is a great way to introduce your baby to music through playing. It offers great fun and learning to your baby.

Chill Baby Volume Pacifier

It is fun to see this pacifier on your baby’s mouth. It looks like you can really turn down your baby’s volume with this pacifier’s funny design. This pacifier is made of PVC-free and BPA free material that assures you of your baby’s safety. This gift idea helps calm your baby, just make sure it won’t fall out because you’ll hear your baby cry again. This is a nice gift for your baby or let me say a wonderful gift for the parents as well.

“Dear Santa” Baby Shirt

This is the perfect attire for your baby on his or her first Christmas celebration. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk Cotton. This gift idea is an officially licensed BigBoy Music design. Its graphics are digitally printed. This onesie is really the best suit on this special occasion. It is not just Christmas but it is your baby’s first Christmas. This attire wills definitely a complement magnet. Besides this lovely attire your baby’s cute smile will draw a lot of attention from people around him or her. People will adore your baby for sure.

The Winkel Teether And Grasp Toy

Your baby will be captivated with these colorful soft loops made of pliable plastic. It is easy to grasp and your baby will truly have fun chewing and playing with it. It will also help sooth your baby’s gums by putting it in the fridge because the cool sensation will sooth their swelling and sore gums because of teething. This teether is has a lightweight design and east to clean too. This is something they can sink their teeth into and not their fingers or yours. Its size and thickness is just right for your baby to hold and bite. This is really a cool Christmas gift to your little one.

My First Christmas Bloomer

This cute little bloomer is made of 100% cotton Exclusive of Trims. This white cotton bloomer looks cute on your baby. It is machine washable so no worries if your baby loves wearing it even every day. It has a felt Santa appliqué with an embroidered phrase “My first Christmas” on the back side. It is even made lovelier with its red grosgrain ribbon accents. This gift idea is really adorable.

MamaRoo Bouncer

MamaRoo Bouncer is so far the ultimate bouncer made for babies that I have seen. This seat moves up and down and side to side, not like the normal bouncer they can only bounce. It is programmed into five movement modes such as car ride kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and ocean. It can be adjusted and be reclined for babies’ good nap and upright for playing time. It can be controlled using its LCD display. It also has a built-in nature sound so your baby can relax while sleeping. This is really the best bouncer yet!

Periodic Table Building Blocks

This gift idea is a set of 20 solid wood building blocks. This is an educational Christmas gift idea for young genius. It features all the elements of the periodic table. You will be surprise that the age of 3 your child already memorize all the periodic elements. It is not too early for your child to be as smart as Einstein. You will be proud of your little genius when grows up.

Elegant Baby Fairisle Christmas 1 Piece Longall

This gift idea can be worn on Christmas Eve. It is a piece of nicely knitted longall set. It has a Fairisle and Reindeer Christmas design perfect for the special occasion. It has buttons at the shoulder part and has snaps at the inner legs and elastic waistband for easy use. It must be laundered in cold water and lay flat to dry. This really looks good on your little angel.

You must be very excited for your baby’s first Christmas. You would like everything to be perfect. But always consider your child’s safety. Make sure that whatever toys or gift you will give your precious angel; it should be safe and will give him a lot of fun.

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