Back to School Gift Ideas for 1st Graders

Back to School Gift Ideas for 1st Graders

It is hard to imagine that your little baby boy or girl is now all grown up and will be attending 1st grade in elementary school soon. How time flies as you could have sworn that just a short while ago, he or she just came into this world. In a blink of an eye, that baby has become a toddler and in another blink, all grown up and ready for the first day of school.

No matter how brave or well prepared your child is, and no matter how excited he or she seems to be, your little one is no doubt still a little nervous about the big day. To help out your first grader, we have prepared a list of charming and helpful gifts to help your little one get through his or her first day of school jitters.

The Night Before First Grade

Get your young one well prepared with this special book written by Natasha Wing and beautifully illustrated by Deborah Zemke, which is all about Penny, a new first grader who is all excited to start her first day at school with her best pal in the same class.

However, the unthinkable happens and Penny and her best friend are split up into different classes at school but everything ends on a happy note as Penny makes new friends at her new school.

Sunny Safari Set of Bookends

Here is a great idea to get your child excited about books and how to keep his or her books in order. Get the little one his or her very own set of fun bookends. The Sunny Safari bookends feature colorful animals in a safari setting. With a little imagination, you can even turn the bookend characters into a bedtime story for your child.

The Sunny Safari Bookends are a little on the pricy side but they are hand carved using solid and sturdy wood and hand painted using lead free paints. If your child is not that into animals, there are a ton of other fun designs you can choose from on Amazon.

Disney Inside Out Backpack, Lunch Box & Pencil Pouch

Disney Pixar’s new summer blockbuster, Inside Out, is currently Hot! Hot! Hot! among the kids. What better way to get your little one exciter about the first day at school then with a back to school set with a large backpack, a lunch box and a pencil pouch featuring the absolutely adorable and fun characters from the movie?

You may want to throw in an Inside Out 7 Piece Sketching Set at the same time. The set comes with 2 pencils, an eraser and a sharpener.

Decorated Wood Pencil - First Graders Are #1

Make your first grader feel a little extra special with these #2 wooden pencils decorated with the phrase “First Graders Are #1”. After all it is a huge achievement going from Kindergarten to grade school and he or she should receive some form of recognition from mom and dad.

These pencils come in a set of a dozen. You can give them out slowly throughout the year or let the first grader give them out to his or her other first grader friends. It is a great idea for breaking the ice and making new friends.

Spreadshirt Kids´ O“fish”al 1st Grader T-Shirt

Make a big deal out of the “first grader” status. Let your first grader feel a real sense of achievement and pride with the Spreadshirt Kids´ O“fish”al 1st Grader T-Shirt. This durable kids’ T-shirt is made to last and is suitable for both school and play. Spreadshirt Kids products are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and printed in the USA. This cute t-shirt is available in 6 different fun colors.

Rubber Barber Eraser

Who would have thought that using an eraser could be this much fun? The Rubber Barber Eraser is a set of 4 erasers heads with different faces printed on them. As you use them, you can give the heads a “haircut” by slowly shaving away bits and pieces of their hair. Let the young ones be creative and come up with funky hairstyles for their eraser heads.

The only problem you might have is that your little one’s erasers might be wearing out much faster than usual.

OK to Wake! Children´s Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Pre-schoolers may learn how to tell time but they don’t really understand the true concept of time until they are older at about 7 or 8. Therefore teaching a first grader about waking up for school may be more difficult than you expect as your over excited early waking first grader may end up disturbing your beauty sleep.

The OK to Wake! alarm clock is special because instead of telling the time, it gives a visual signal to your child when it is time to wake up. At night it glows a soft yellow and acts as a night light. When it is time to wake up, it glows green. Tell the young one that he or she can get out of bed when the green light comes on. The clock also functions as a normal alarm clock once the child gets older.

Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle

The Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle is the perfect water bottle for young children because it is easy to grip, easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly, it is leak proof. The water bottle has an autoseal valve. To drink, just squeeze the valve release on the bottle and to reseal the bottle, just release the valve.

Your first grader may have outgrown his sippy cup but he or she has not outgrown making spills. Get the Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle for a spill-free life.

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