Top 10: Special Christmas Gifts for a Lovely Female Friend

gifts for female friends

Surprise your loving friend with a lovely Christmas gift. Let her be delighted with these cool stuffs we have prepared. She will love to have these items. Check out this list of wonderful Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on your friend’s face.

Annabelle Jewelry Box

This Christmas gift idea is a Parisian poodle and polka dot inspired motif. It has an open area storage perfect for bracelets and other precious stuff and an additional drawer for more storage. It also has ring rolls for organized look. This jewelry box plays “Frère Jacques” which is really a lovely music. The highlight of this gift idea is a beautiful twirling ballerina with white tulle skirt. This is really a perfect gift for a friend that loves jewelries and love feminine stuff.

Plush Unicorn Slippers for Grown Ups

Make your friend’s all mornings a magical one with this cute and soft Christmas gift idea. It has a slip on design that with a very soft cushion for her feet. It feels comfortable to wear. It is full of magic, love and laughter. Your friend will definitely love this gift idea. It is made of 100% polyester and a sprinkle of magical dust. This can be cleaned with damp cloth. This is really a cutie. I even have one myself. I can’t resist its temptation it is so cute.

Handbag of Holding

This is a bag in style. This gift idea is another stylish rework of ThinkGeek’s popular Bag of Holding. It has 15 different pockets to place your stuff in. it has spacious design and all pockets are accessible. This bag helps you organize your stuff, imagine you have 15 pockets to place your stuff in. it has a padded sleeve at the center to make sure your laptop or tablet is safe. It even has a pocket for your water bottle. This is really a practical and useful Christmas gift idea for an organized or busy friend. This is really a cool stuff to give.

Leve Orecchiette Cute Knitted Hat

This is a perfect fashion accessory for a stylish friend. If you have a friend that loves to be in style, this is a perfect Christmas gift for her. This is absolutely a wonderful Christmas gift. This knitted hat has a kitten ear that added cuteness on it. It is just so right for the holiday season. Your friend will surely look cute on this knitted hat. Besides looking cute this gift idea is also durable and can be worn even every day. Isn’t this a lovely Christmas gift?

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

This Christmas gift idea comes with seven pieces of interlocking light that can be stacked in any way just like in the Tetris game. It has super bright LED bulbs inside it giving enough light in a particular area. This Tetris lamp looks lovely when lit and you can play with it as well if you don’t feel like sleeping yet. The pieces will only light up when they are linked together just like in the real game. This is a wonderful gift idea. It is unique, new and fun!

Luxury Spa Bath and Body Set

This is really a special gift for a wonderful friend. Treat your female friend with something relaxing and soothing, just like this luxury spa bath and body set. This gift idea has a collection of luxury spa products that are hand arranged in a lovely cotton-lined gift basket. It is really perfect for gift giving. It comes with vanilla scented spa items and a 100% cotton towel. It also includes sweet butter cookies, caramels and café latte to complete the best spa experience even at home. This is definitely a gift she will remember.

Geeky Nebula Nail Wraps

I love nail art. At least twice a week I change my nail polish though it is easy because it can do it by myself but how about those who can’t? Your friend will love this gift idea especially if she loves nail art like I do. These nail wraps will make it possible for your friend to change her nail art as often as she wanted. Each set comes with 14 stickers from 10mm to 17.5mm wide. Just peel off the top coat and press the curved end of the wrap onto your cuticle and your good to go. But don’t forget to file or trim the excess. I will have on of this set too!

Teardrop Crystal Necklace

I had featured this gift item on one of my articles and I so love this pink necklace. It is so feminine. I remember posting the blue one before. It also have matching pair of earrings if you want to have a complete set of this beautiful jewelry you can try purchasing the matching earrings too. The crystal tear drop pendant is made so Swarovski crystal in pink color. This gift idea comes with an Arco Iris purple jewelry box just perfect for gift giving. Your friend will really appreciate this gift idea.

SHANY Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit

A carry-all-trunk makeup set makes a really great Christmas gift, especial for a female friend who loves to wear cosmetics or a makeup artist in profession. This Christmas gift set includes an eye shadow, blush, powders, nail polish, eyebrow pencils, eyebrow sharpener, mirror, pedicure, lip-gloss, brushes and everything your friend needs for her makeup session. She can carry all her stuff wherever she goes. This is so convenient to bring because all her stuff is organized in one trunk. She will really be delighted to have this as a Christmas gift.

Nyan Cat Hoodie

If you have a female friend who loves cat or a fan of Nyan cat, this hoodie is the right gift for her this coming Christmas. This gift idea is a lightweight hoodie in a royal blue color with an overall 8-bit space print at the front and on the back. The hood is grey with a complete sewn-on cute kitty ears and a screen-printed Nyan cat face. It is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It must be machine washed cold but dare not to bleach it. This hoodie looks so cute and adorable. Your friend will love this gift.

Christmas is the season of sharing and giving. Share your love with your friends and family this season. Spread the love to all your friends not only on Christmas but everyday of our lives.

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