Our Top 10 List: Cute Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

teen ager christmas gifts

Teenagers are really picky with their stuff. They have their own style and taste. Sometimes they are so hard to read and sometimes they are so predictable. They are really teenagers they no longer a child but not yet an adult. If you are uncertain what Christmas gift to pick for your sweet teenager take a look at this list of cool and useful gift ideas just right for your teenager’s taste.

Durango Leather Zen Bracelet

This stylish and trendy three stranded beaded leather bracelet is a perfect gift for a picky teenager. It has colorful beads and an orange bead dangle drop. It has an adjustable slide knot for easy use. It will fit wrists 5 to 8 inches. This gift idea comes in a lovely foil gift box with a beautiful bow. It is really meant for gift giving.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

This is a unique lamp for a wonderful teenager. This gift idea is a Tetris inspired gift. It is a seven-piece interlocking light. It lights up whenever the light pieces are attached to each other. Each piece has an LED build inside it. These colorful pieces can be stacked in any combination, just like in the real game. The lights stay off if they are dissembled. To power it up it needs to be plugged into a standard US 110v outlet. This is a colorful and fun Christmas gift to give.

Pocket Ungame Teens Version

This is a non-competitive game so you are sure your kids won’t learn how to gamble. This card game is great ice-breaker game for a group activity. It is recommended by ministers, teachers and school counselors. It has really good questions that will help each one in the game understand and know each other more. This pocket-sized card game can be played anywhere; it can in the beach, classroom, outdoors or even sleep over. It has six versions and all of them have different questions than the board game.

Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Throw Blanket

Have a good snooze with Tradis’ throw blanket. This throw blanket is so soft and cozy. Your teenage kid will love to snuggle up with this artistic throw blanket while watching their favorite television show. It is made of 100% fluffy and soft polyester. It has an exploding artwork design perfect for teenagers. It is 50’ x 60” big. Just right to keep your young adult warm and cozy. This is such a nice Christmas gift for your loved teenager.

Hunger Games – Arena Jacket

What else can a teenager look for this stylish jacket that looks exactly the same in what we see in Hunger Games film? It has two stylish jackets zipped together and fits perfectly for outdoor use. It feels like you are really in the game arena. This gift idea is a three jacket in one. It has a light weight jacket on the outer shell and a supple canvas for the inner jacket zipped together forming the third jacket. This is perfect for winter and rainy season. This gift idea is really functional and practical Christmas gift.

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork

This is a very special Christmas gif for your lovely teenager. It is a special edition Sfork in a collectors’ packaging. It also has an engraved Starfleet motto on it that makes it an official Star Trek collectibles. If your teenager loves to collect things this is an addition to his or her valued possession. This Christmas gift actually teaches your teenager how to value the things he has. This is really a wonderful Christmas gift that your teenager will enjoy.

Jansport Backpack

Jansport had proven their brand, they had been producing bags that are very convenient to use and has spacious area and trendy designs. This gift idea is perfect for your teenager’s need. They need to carry more stuff for school. This has a big capacity; about 1550 cubic inches. Your child’s stuff is safe inside no matter what the weather is. This bag is made water resistant to protect the stuff inside it. This is really a good stuff to buy as a Christmas gift for your busy teenager.

SS Slap On Unisex Watch

Add this funky and colorful Christmas gift idea to their collection of wrist watch, it has bright and vibrant colors that is so appealing to eye. It is a complement magnet. They will surely love this Quartz wrist watch. It is a balance of fun, style and functionality. It has good quality and gives precise time due to it uses a Quartz movement. This is an ideal gift for teenagers. Just like these watches your teenager is full of fun and colors!

Chewbacca Slippers

No one can resist these cute and lovable Chewbacca slippers. They are cute and hairy creatures from Star Wars. They will snuggle your toes and keep it warm and comfortable. It has a slip on design and has soft and fury interior. It keeps your feet from cold floors on a chilly day. It comes in small and large sizes. Small size for women and Large for men. Your teenage kid will love this Christmas gift idea.

Your teenager will really love these gift ideas. Whatever gift item you pick they will definitely appreciate your gift. It will really be a Merry Christmas for them and to you as well!

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