The Best First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversaries are what we women love to celebrate. They are really big deals for us, especially celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. It is something we look forward to. It is like a child longing for their birthday to come.

It is traditional practice to give someone a gift made of paper on their first year together but it is up to you to try some contemporary ideas.

Let me give you a list of gift ideas for your wife. Women love lots of stuff and she will definitely love these gift suggestions I have for you.

14K Gold Diamond Heart Ring

Surprise her with this special gift. This diamond ring passes the Diamond clarity standards. No two diamonds are alike. Each and every diamond is unique, just like the only love of your life. She is incomparable with anyone else. On this special day make her feel that she is your one and only love.

“At First Glance” Bangle Bracelet

I know you want to tell her how much you love her and as often as you can. Why not give her this bangle bracelet as your first anniversary present? Every time she wears this and look at it she will be reminded of your love and passion for her. This bangle bracelet has a phrase stamped around the bracelet that shouts out to the whole world your eternal love for your wife. It says, “At first glance I loved you with a thousand hearts”. Made from Sterling Silver. ¼” thick and 2 ¾” wide. Designed by an Italian artist. This is a truly romantic gift idea.

First Anniversary Woodgrain Jewelry Music Box

Women love collecting items that remind them of an important event in their lives. Your wife might be keeping stuff that reminds her of romantic times that both of you spend together. This is a perfect gift for your wife on your anniversary; create a collection of favorite photos of both of you together and inspire her to collect memorabilia of your never ending love story. The music box plays the classic love song, Unchained Melody. Its musical movement is visible under the glass.

Hot Air Ballon Ride for 2

This is so adventurous, so out-of-the-box, but oh-so-romantic! Watch her swoon when she finds out you are taking her on a romantic hot air balloon ride. This package is in New Jersey and you both can savor the wonderful view of the NJ countryside. The balloon is flown by an FAA certified pilot with 20 years of experience and there are a complimentary champagne and hors d’oeuvres waiting for the both of you. What can be more romantic?

“Two is Better Than One” Heart Necklace

Imagine the look of her face when she opens her gift box on top of her desk or after a romantic breakfast on bed; and finds this necklace made of silver and crystal inside. This gift idea comes with a romantic message card. Tell her how much you love her on your anniversary. Be creative, make is special and unique!

Teddy Bear, Chocolates and Ring on Top of a Bed of Roses

This is one of women’s fantasies… bed of roses. Imagine how romantic it will look! Put this bear, chocolate a necklace or ring at the middle of a bed of roses she will surely be surprised on your anniversary night. It is up to you what comes next.

Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket

As a woman I love to pamper myself and for sure your wife loves to do the same. You can accompany this gift idea with some flowers or a romantic card. It has a collection of Mum’s English Rose Garden Spa Bath and Body set. A complete set to pamper your most loved wife.

Gucci Women’s White Dial Watch

Most women fantasize of receiving an expensive gift like a Gucci watch. Your wife will definitely love one too! Made of sapphire crystal, Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement and of course the Gucci brand. You can’t go wrong with this gift. She is special and deserves a special anniversary gift.

Boudoir Photoshoot

Most women secretly want to have a model photo shoot ala America’s Next Top Model. Make her dream come true with a Boudoir Photo Shoot session. This is an hour long of indulgence with a makeup artist and fashion photographer Laura Little. After that, tell her she is just so beautiful that you want to take her away right away. That line never fails.

I hope you are able to find that special something for your wife. These gift ideas are really romantic, but what matter most is you are present to celebrate this special occasion with her. Even if you gave her all the gifts in this list, it matters nothing if you are not there with her.

Happy 1st anniversary to you both and may you have more anniversaries to celebrate. Cheers!

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