The Best First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Congratulations! You have been through the first year of your wonderful bond. I wish that you and your spouse will have more anniversaries to celebrate together.

Paper is a traditional symbol for first anniversaries and in modern days we use clock as a symbol of the first milestone you had with each other. Well it is still up to you if you will follow the traditional gift giving. You know him more than anyone else. You know what his hearts love and likes.

Your partner could have given you a lot of gifts and stuff to remember and keep, you might be thinking of something to give him on your 1st anniversary. Here are some suggestions you can look at. Something you can give him for keepsake, for something to remind him of your first year together and a gift that will let him look forward in spending more years with you.

Gotham Men’s Gold-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch

Who wouldn’t fall in love with its sophisticated beauty? A classical look with an elegant finish, anyone who will have this as a gift will definitely be grateful and glad to have it. Besides its elegant look it also functions well. It showcases a full 17 mechanical movement that can be seen in front and back (back case needs to be opened to show the movement at the back side of it.) It has a gold tone casing which is scratch resistant keeping its sophisticated look for many years. Just like your harmonious relationship. It flows continuously like how this mechanical clock works you just need to have your love ignite and power it up to run for years and years to come.

Pinnacle Frames and Accents 7-Piece Photo Frame Set

Think of how romantic if will be to surprise him with all your favorite photographs together, framed and hung on your favorite spot in the house. It would be even more romantic if you put a blinds on him and then surprise him with a candlelight dinner, surrounded by your most treasured photographs. These can be your wedding pictures or memorable photos together. Have them framed to make these pictures last. The Pinnacle frames are a great suggestion as wooden frames never go out of fashion or style. The frames are made of solid wood so this assures durability and you know that your treasured photos are safe and protected.

Gondola Dinner Cruise for 2

It has been common practice for a man to take a woman out for a romantic dinner, so why not turn the tables around for once and invite him for a romantic cruise and dinner on a boat? He will love it and you can talk in private. Super romantic!

Framed Renoir Painting With Poem and Picture

Look at his teary eyes as he reads a touching anniversary poem beautifully printed on a reproduction of the famous painting “Renoir”. It is framed in an 8”x10” black frame that you can open to insert the sweetest photo of both of your together. It will look really romantic and a wonderful keepsake to have. He can hang this wonderful gift on the wall or proudly display it above his work place or at home. Assure him that you will be with him for better or worse, through thick and thin and come what may.

Mr. and Mrs. Right Pillowcases

One year with your husband is a long time to spend together. You should celebrate this first milestone of you being a couple. But one year seems to be short for those who have passed the premature stage of married life and challenging for those who are still starting and new. Remember that you guys wouldn’t have lasted this long if you weren’t the right person for each other. I suggest you give him this as a gift and use it on your 1st year anniversary night. (You have the right to create your romantic fantasy sequence if you want!)

“Around You” Willow Tree Figurine

This is a perfect figure of you both. A couple who only have true love for each other wouldn’t last for just a year. It lasts forever. You wouldn’t be complete without him, which is the reason why we call our husbands our better half. This gift idea is an original masterpiece of Artist Susan Lordi, 6.5” tall that shows all the emotion and passion you have for your husband.

Sunset Heli Tour for Two

If you think a romantic cruise is too feminine to give to a man, or if you are thinking of something more adventurous, why not give him a helicopter tour? The adrenaline rush plus the feeling of having the most wonderful wife will make him remember this event forever.

You must be excited to celebrate your 1st anniversary that is the same feeling I had too. I wish you and your spouse have many more anniversaries to come. It doesn’t matter if you follow the traditional or modern gifting ways. What matters is what you feel for each other.

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