Best 10: Funniest Gag Gifts for Her!

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Gags are meant to make a boring day hilarious or to keep the happiness in the air. There are gags that will really make fun of someone but make sure it won’t hurt or result to something serious. Playing a joke on your friends is really cool. Women are so easy to play gags on to but make sure that the person you will give it to will not take your gag seriously.

Here are some gift ideas that will really take the humor out no matter how serious and boring the day is. These gifts can be given on any type of occasion. Take a look at these cool stuffs and have fun!

Super Comb – World’s Largest Comb for BIG Heads

Try this classic gag on your friend who has literal or let say metaphorical big head. This oversized comb will really save time combing your hair! This comb measures 12” long and has a gigantic look. Imagine how your friend will laugh at this, specially your female friend. If she takes a while combing her hair before going out, this gift idea will definitely save 80% of her time combing! Take a good laugh at this gift idea and your friend will sure have fun using it too.

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer

Turn the TV on and off, switch the channels from one to another and mute and unmute the volume while hiding. Get the crap off your friends or partner while she enjoys her favorite television series. Possess their television and let them panic and think what is going on with their TV. This Ninja Remote can jam IR and can bypass the real remote controller. This allows you to control any television and some digital cameras. It can work up to 400 feet away so you will go unnoticed just like a real Ninja. Play a gag on your friends now or give this as a gift so that they can play this gag on their friends too!

Prank Gift Boxes

Imagine how she will react once she sees this gift idea. This gift box looks like it has a ridiculous item inside. It is really weird and funny to have a coffee maker inside your shower room. Though it is really practical and saves time to bathe while enjoying your cup of brewed coffee. You will really have fun to see the expression on someone’s face when they see how funny this gift box is. This will really put a good gag on someone. Come on try this gag gift box.

Portable Hand Shock Prank

Make your hand shake buzz! If you wanted play a gag on a friend or colleagues this is a perfect thing to use. This can also be given as a gift to a friend or someone who love playing gag on someone (well this is not a bad gag, you just add a little surprise on the usual stuff you do right?) but better give this to an adult not kids. This is a small device so it is so easy to hide on your palms. It also emit low electric shock but just enough to wake up a sleepy colleague on a boring meeting. This is really a cool stuff to use and to give!

King Deluxe Mixed Nuts – Three Snakes in Each Can

This classic gag never fails. Yes it is an old school type of gag but it never been a flop. It never let pranksters down. It always been an amusing gag from now until then because who would expect these trick to be around until today? It comes in a great disguise; placed in a tasty looking treat in a can but when they opened it not just one but three spring snakes will jump out of the can and will really surprise your prey! This is also a nice gift idea if you are looking at giving a friend a real surprising gift!

Face and Butt Towel

Try this funny gift idea. Gags are meant to make fun of someone or to add humor on something and this towel is really a clean and safe gag to give someone you know who is a bit worried on which part of her towel she used on her face and on her butt. This is a really nice joke and a great gift to give. It is practical and funny at the same time. Now they are sure which part touches their face and their butt part. This is a must have!

Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover

Meet Rudy! Rudy is a Tiki head with runny nose. He is actually a funny tissue holder. It fits over a standard tissue boxes and has an elastic enclosure on the back for easy use. It has a unique design. This is a cool stuff to display horizontally but be careful in pulling the tissue because it may just tip over. It would be best if there will be an adhesive at the bottom if your will be displaying it horizontally. But besides that everything is ok and it will really bring out fun even you keep on sneezing.

Running Nose Wall Mounted Shampoo Dispenser

Imagine this funny nose shaped gel dispenser in your shower room. Isn’t hilarious? Bathe gels and shampoo are somehow slimy and sticky just like when you have colds; well am not going to expound more how it looks but you get my point?

It comes with three suction cups and has hole on the back for easy installation. These can be refilled by easily removing the cap on the back. Add a little humor in your bath time. This is also going to be a great present specially those you know that is prone to allergic rhinitis!

Poop Coin Bank

This gift idea gives bank deposit a different meaning! Who will not laugh at a coin bank shaped like a pile of poop? This is a perfect gag gift that can fill up 20 or more coins (depending on what type of coin you put in) technically all types of change fits it but just be creative on how you drop it so more coins will fit inside, but anyway once you fill it up you can spend the change you saved! This gift idea makes saving fun and hilarious.

The Doodie Mug

I can wait for you to get this mug! Make your friend a cup of coffee and she will appreciate it for sure but when she is about to finish it you will burst out laughing once you see her face surprised on what is on her mug! This is an 8 ounce ceramic mug that has a molded glazed fake poop that hides at the bottom of this cool mug. This is a perfect gag gift for a friend, house mate or anyone you know that won’t take jokes seriously.


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