My Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas!


Game of Thrones is arguably the popular epic fantasy drama ever created on television. It has memorable characters and a story line that has captured the hearts of many viewers and fans. It has already produced an unbelievably large legion of fans across the globe and for a fantasy drama, a unusually large number of female fans as well.

If you are looking for something special to give to a friend who is an avid fan of this epic television series, we have prepared this list of great gift items specially for Game of Thrones fans.

Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Collector’s Edition

Every fan’s desire is to know all the exclusive scenes and stuff on how this show was made; and this book is what a fan must have. This book reveals how this fantasy series hit the television screens. This unravel the magic how it captivated millions of viewers worldwide. This features portfolio of storyboard how this wonderful this story was created. Since not all storyboards are publicly shown this makes this item a must have to collectors and avid fans. This will turn out to be the best gift item to someone you know, who loves this series.

Hand of the King Pin Replica

This prop replica from the most viewed HBO TV series will be a great gift idea to a big fan of this series. This gift idea is crafted from heavy metal and has an aged gold color for an authentic effect. This can be worn on special celebration and can be given as a gift on any type of occasion. If you know someone who love watching this series, this gift idea will definitely become a hit!

Dragon Pendant

This is one is a nice pick! This gift idea is a cool stuff to give an avid fan of this series. It is fashionable and has a cool design that suits men’s and women’s taste. It has a trendy leather cord to hold its pendant made of titanium steel and has a wonderful design! No worry about the length because it can be adjusted freely. This will be a great gift on any type of occasion. It is simple yet irresistible.

Winter Is Coming Zip-up Hoodie

Winter is coming. Say goodbye to the summer heat and embrace winter with warmth from this Zip-up hoodie. This gift item is a full-zip hoodie with front pockets and made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It also showcases the Game of Thrones logo in front and the “Winter is Coming” with the House Stark dire wolf logo on the back of it. It comes in different sizes, so if you will give this as a gift, make sure you know what size to pick!

Game of Thrones Inspired Rings

Isn’t it lovely to receive this type of gift item? Anyone would love to have this romantic pair of rings that is hand stamped with “My Sun and Stars” and “Moon of My Life.” This adjustable ring can be given to a friend or someone close to you so dearly. These rings are made of pure, hypoallergenic aluminum; tarnish free without leaving colors on your skin. This is a common gift idea but has a unique style. Try this stylish gift idea and for sure that this will be greatly loved.

1/6 Scale Iron Throne Limited Edition Replica

Can’t get your own throne? Then get a replica! Technically a full size iron throne will really cost a lot and it would be better to spend the money to something much sensible. This replica of the famous Iron Throne can be yours in a reasonable price. It is sculpted out of resin and hand finished and painted for a more defined look. Its designs are highly detailed, not a single sword has been overlooked. It looks exactly the one seen on the television. This is another great gift idea we have on the list. A true Game of Thrones Fan must have this.

Stark Direwolf Bookends

Let these Direwolf book ends take guard of your important collection of books. This is an excellent gift idea for a big fan. If you know someone who loves this series, this is a perfect gift to give. For sure they already have the complete set of the Game of Thrones book and this book ends are a perfect match for those. These Direwolf bookends are sturdy making a good hold on your books that the can even hold hard bounded books. This is really going to be a wonderful gift to give on any type of occasion.

Tyrion Statue

Get this Tyrion Lannister Statue from the new line of collectible sculptures based on the Game of Thrones TV Series. The “Tyrion Lannister in the Battle of Backwater” statue features Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage), one of the most popular characters from the show who still isn’t dead yet. This is a limited edition, hand-finished and hand painted Game of Thrones inspired statue. Each piece is numbered making it a must have for every fan.

Cat’s Paw Blade

This makes a great addition to the collection of any Game of Thrones fan. Any fan would love to own a Valyrian steel blade. This blade has a colorful story behind it and only a true Game of Thrones fan will understand how precious this is. This gift item is one of the officially licensed collectibles made of high quality materials and superbly crafted. This has been recreated from the actual props used in the television series. Just keep it somewhere children can’t reach it. If you will give this as a gift, your Game of Thrones avid fan friend will be thankful you found a great gift for him/her.

Game of Thrones Canvas Map Poster

This gift item is a stunning piece of art. The Game of Thrones Canvas Map features the lands of Westeros from the Fist of the First Men going down to Dorne. It is made of canvas stretched on a wooden frame, it can be hung or framed but in any way it looks stunning and it brings you near the world where everyone fights for the throne.

For more GOT inspired products, you might want to check Think Geek (click here). They have tons of good stuff!


  1. You left out one of the best gifts I’ve ever seen for Game of Throne lovers, it’s an Iron Throne replica decal for your bathroom. It’s hilarious but super awesome.

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