Hot Christmas Gifts: Best Toys for Baby Boys Age 1-2

Gifts for Baby Boys

Little boys are so cute and charming but they can also make a big mess. They are so playful and sometimes hurt themselves by playing too much. They never get tired of playing and running around in circles. As if they never run out of batteries. If only you can have something to get their attention and make them play just is one place quietly and peacefully.

Good news! Here are list of toys perfect for 1-2 year old boys that will really catch their interest and will make them be entertained for hours. And you will have a time off from running and chasing them. Take a look at this list of hot toys for your little boys.

Please take note that this list is based on a few things, like our experiences with out own children, customer reviews and current trends. If you want the best selling list, you can view it at Amazon by clicking here.

Power Wheels Lil’ Quad

This Sporty ATV inspired toy is a great and interesting toy for your baby boy. It has a built-in footrest for a comfortable ride and a cute cargo rack placed at the back to put his stuff while driving around in his play room. Don’t you worry because this is specifically designed for toddlers? It has a stop and go button easy for them to control their new toy. Its size is just right for them to get on and off just by themselves. You will love to watch how confident your child drives his first ATV!

My Little Pony Plush

No one can resist this cute plush. Even your baby boy will love to hug this cute toy plush. You can choose from 6 designs; Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Rarity, Twighlight Sparkle, Rainbow dash, and Fluttershy. They are so colorful and fluffy. They are so huggable and your little toddler can have it as his cuddle buddy on his bedtime. You can even have all the designs for him. Let this be his first plush collection. He will feel calm and relax when her hugs this plush. This is a safe toy for him. He gets no injuries; all he gets is a lot of cuteness and cuddles.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

This gift idea is already a classic but never failed to amuse little toddlers. They will surely enjoy watching the corn pops while they push this toy. This will also help them walk straight. It enhances their motor skills as well. They strengthen their balance walking while they play. As they play this toy encourages them to walk more, and they are not aware they are getting better and better each day they play this toy. This is a real classic but even the kids nowadays still get entertained with it. It really has its own magic.

Giant Microbes Plush

This is really a funny toy for your toddler, well technically yes. Imagine they have a collection of cute microbes in his play room? You can’t blame yourself if your dream that one day your little boy can be a scientist or a doctor. In a way you can also educate them as early as possible what these microbes are, what they do and how to avoid them. They won’t get scared of it because they look so cute; but real microbes are not!

Step2 WaterWheel Activity Play Table

If you are tired chasing your little toddler while he is playing around at your backyard, this gift idea will help you calm your little angels. This water wheel activity play table has a wide receptacle funnels, a spinning wheel and has inner and outer harbors giving them a real fun playing. It has molded-in sections creating little moats, lakes harbors and canal. This toy will enhance their imagination ad their motor skills. They will surely be tied and busy playing with their new toy. It has an n elevated design keeping them away from dirt and mud. They can play sitting on a chair or standing. This will free you from chasing them around.

Green Toys Flatbed Truck and Race Car

This gift idea entertains your little boy while it takes cares of the environment. Green Toys’ Flatbed Truck and Race Car allow your child to enjoy two cars. This will enhance his imagination; he can play pretend or make up stories. These toys are made of 100% recycled plastic milk containers, has no BPA, PVC and Phthalates that are harmful to their health. It is good to see that your little boy is having fun playing with his toys and at the same time he is safe as well as his environment. Imagine how his surrounding will be if all toys are like this.

Kidoozie Super Shapes Dump Truck

This isn’t just a dump truck but it also teaches your little toddler the shapes while he play. This offers a lot of fun activities that will keep him busy. This gift idea is made of high-quality materials that will make it last for years giving him long playtime fun. It makes sounds and comes in variety of shapes, and if he gets older her can still play it and use it as a dump truck. This toy can be a truck, a shape sorter and it creates different sounds too. Since this toy is made of high quality product you are sure that it is sturdy and will last long.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Let your little champ do his first slam dunk with you. This hot toy includes an oversized rim and a small basketball making it easier for him to make his three-point-shot. This toy helps him develop his social and motor skills. This also enhances his coordination. You can introduce the game to your little toddler even on his young age. He can learn how to play a competitive game; he can develop his hand-eye coordination and most of all he gets quality time playing with you. It is not too early to teach them to love sports.

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

Giving him a toy such as this makes him get involve into sports on an early age. With this toy he learns how to hit a ball and it also teaches him hand and eye coordination. This toy package includes 2 oversize baseball bat, ball and tee. This T-ball set is so easy to use and has an adjustable feature depending on your child’s skill. It is also easy to store, with its hang-on-the-wall feature it can be kept even in small space storage. Look how happy he will be to have this toy. He will surely be excited to play with his new toy!

Mozart Magical Cube

Do you want your child to be a great musician like Mozart? It isn’t too early for him to start loving music. You can introduce him to the musical world with this cool toy from It plays 6 different instruments and plays 8 different compositions by Mozart. It is battery operated. It is believed that Mozart’s music helps improve your child’s spatial-temporal tasks that enhance his mental imagery and temporal ordering; in short it makes your little boy a smart kid. This is better than those noise producing toys, he plays and learn at the same time.

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