Hot Christmas Gifts: Best Toys for Boys Age 6, 7, 8 & 9


Boys are playful in nature. They have innate skills for crafts. Their imagination is so vast and they tend to get bored on simple things. They wanted something that will amaze and entertain them. Simple toys they have when they are still young is a history, all they need is a toy that will hold their interest for hours. Guardians, adults and parents also have to be careful on picking what the right toy for their little champs; video games are not the answer. There are toys that will also entertain them and at the same time enhances their skills and teaches them new stuff.

Here are some hot toys for your little champ that will make him busy even for several hours. Take a look at these great toys and you might pick one or two for your little boy.

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Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Little boys will have lots of fun with this great toy. He can go on and off the road safely. It has a rugged grab bars that makes it easy for him to get in and out his cool jeep. It also has a space to put in his stuff at the rear compartment making him feel he is driving a real jeep. This wonderful toy goes in two speeds forward and one speed in reverse; ofcourse you wouldn’t let him drive all by himself. This toy doesn’t just offer fun but it makes sure that your child is safe with its driver-friendly features like the high speed lock –out and the power lock brakes. You are sure of its safety, durabilty and great quality.

Hot Wheels 4 Lane Raceway

They are not too young to join racing! This makes it possible for them to race their favorite car. Try which Hot Wheels car is the fastest. Your little champ can connect this raceway to any set of racing lane he have. he can start having his wide collection of Hot Wheels cars and raceways. It feels like they are really in a race; this raceway has a start gate and there is also a winner’s flag showing who won in every race. You will be delighted to see how happy he plays with his siblings and friends.

Star Wars R2-D2 Inflatable R/C

Your little champ can have his R2-D2 companion anywhere he is. He can bring it with him when you go out of town or when he visits his relatives or friends. This cool toy remote operated and it can be kept even in small spaces. Its is over 65 cm tall but it can be deflated for easy storage. It can spin 360ᵒ , drives forward and backward, turns left and right and best of all it has a self-righting system, it means that it can stand upright even when driven down a bumpy surface or when knocked down. Your little champ will have a great time playing and controlling his little droid.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set 405 Pieces

Lego Ultimate building set allows your little champ to enhance his creativity and motor skills. He can play and build variety of buildings, houses and vehicles out of 405 pieces of Lego blocks. This toy package includes everything he needs to create and make his imagination come to real. It also comes with an instructions how to use the pieces in the starter kit. He is already a big boy and he already graduated from the Duplo stage. He is now ready to take a new challenge. This is also a chance for them to spend time with their family and friends to build houses, vehicles and buildings. He will have fun with this toy for sure.

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Set

Are you looking for something that will interest your little boy? If he loves playing music instrument or you want to introduce music to him, this gift item is the best one to try. It has great quality and can endure your childs banging and slamming for years! It is so easy to put together, it sounds good and so durable. This is an awsome product and you will never go wrong buying it it for your little champ. Just be patient at first it may sound he is just making noises but as time comes and he learned how to play it that noise will become music to your ears.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

It is not too much for you to bring the night sky into his room. This is the coolest thing he will get. He can have a little optical star planetarium in his room. He can sleep even with the lights of; he will fall asleep as he get fascinated sailing through the cosmos. It can be set to make the stars move once every 10 minutes, it will make him feel he is actually outside looking at the night sky. Don’t worry if he falls asleep while looking at the stars this cool stuff has an auto shutoff. This toy package includes one Star theater Pro Home planetarium, a base, two image discs, an AC adapter, a planetarium music CD and the most important thing of all is its instruction manual. Enjoy!

Pocket Microscope

Boys are so curious. Almost all of my cousins are boys and I remember that they have a lot of their own science thing, inventions and projects that looks funny for a girl but for them it is a serious matter. This pocket Microscope has 60-100X magnification that has a lightweight and portable design. This makes him feel he is really a true scientist or maybe he can pretend he is a crime inspector. It features a built-in LED light that provides a clear image and has a rubberized eyepiece so that he feels comfortable viewing his specimen.

Gears! Gears! Gears! Beginner’s Building Set

Boys are naturally smart and creative. Their motor skills and creativity is vast. This hot toy is recommended for boys to enhance their inate skills. This building set is a perfect building toy for young builders like your little champ. He can invent several masterpeices with this building set. He can easily link the pieces together creating several things like racing cars or machines he sees in the movies and televisions. It is fun to see how creative and imaginative little boys are. This building set includes a guide with instructions in four languages.

NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster

Each of my boys has Nerf and I can’t really understand why they love it. I got curios and tried playing it and I agree that I am having fun. What we do is we place a target and hit it. Personally Nerf is my favorite. How I wish that Nerf isn’t just a six shooter but instead it got an endless shot (I wish) but any way this toy is really cool. It can even dart up to 75 feet; well this is better than what we have though. The barrel can be flipped to open it and recharge the unit. It doesn’t hurt so it is safe. Big boys love adventure and excitement maybe that is the reason why my boys loves it too.

Ultra Stomp Rocket

This is just a simple toy but gives out great fun. It is durable, easy to use and gives out lots of fun for kids and even for adults. One good thing about this toy is its rockets are made of foam so even he plays this at home in causes no damage. It can be adjusted on how hard you can stomp on it. The harder you stomp on it the higher the rocket gets. This stomp rocker has a plastic stamp pad that is connected to a tube that blows up the rocket into the air. This toy is so simple, no batteries needed, no complicated parts to assemble. Just stomp on it and off the rocket goes.

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