The Best Bird Themed Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers


Birds create a lovely music. They look so fragile and weak, but the time the sing a very lovely music it can conquer your heart and can change a bad day into a beautiful and cheerful one. Birds can fly and soar high, looking at them fly into the air makes you feel light and free. Bird themed parties and events are a nice theme party. It can be done on birthdays, family gatherings, anniversaries and more. But are you ready on what gift to bring the host of the party? Do you already have an idea what gift to give to the celebrant? To make your life easier here are 10 gift ideas that will absolutely fix your gift hunting problem.

Shabby Cottage Chic Iron Bird Wall Hook

This shabby cottage chic style metal art wall hook is perfect to create a peaceful and cheerful ambiance. This gift idea features cheerful bird accents. This lovely hook can be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom to hang your stuff on. A great gift idea for bird and nature lovers. This is a beautiful and useful art piece. Really a good choice.

Hooty Owl Ceramic Bank

Stephan Baby Hooty owl ceramic bank stands 6” tall and all are hand painted. It has a cute and lovely design. It is painted with fancy pink flowers and has a wide eyed expression. It is indeed a colorful and lively ceramic coin bank. This gift can be given to those who love birds or maybe for children learning and eager to save money. This gift item can be a good ornament as well. What a great gift idea and a nice way to teach the young ones how to save.

Team Fortress 2 Archimedes Plush

This bird inspired plush is derived from Team Fortress 2. It is the plush type of Archimedes. It includes the code for in-game Archimedes. This soft plush is a 9” tall and is really good for some snuggles. This bird plush is easy to clean, just spot clean it with damp cloth and mild detergent. A gift idea that you can cuddle while sleeping without looking so childish. Even this bird plush has blood stains for a fan this is an adorable little bird plush. Good gift idea for Team Fortress 2 fan.

Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird

Be amazed on how you control this bionic bird soar the air. It can fly high, swoop and swirl around as it conquers the air. Fascinate little children with this amazing toy. This half bird half plan remote controlled toy has an adjustable speed with a low speed function. With these function the pilot can make this toy fly like a real bird. A recommended gift idea for kids and young at heart. Its controller is powered by 6 AA batteries that last for an 8 minute flight and a 12 minute charging time using the remote control as its charger. This is going to be an exciting gift idea.

Pink Korean Plum Flower Tree and Bird Design Purse Mirror

Korean plum flower tree and bird design is a unique Mother of pearl design. This double compact magnifying purse mirror is such a wonderful keepsake for someone you love so dearly. This is a lovely cosmetic compact that will be appreciated. It brings a wonderful feeling to see an artistic piece with a very warming ambiance. Korean plums blossoms in spring that creates a very lovely view. Make it feel like spring every day; this is a fabulous gift idea.

Bird Nest Candle Holder

Personally I love this candle holder. This is actually my favorite gift item on this list. It is uniquely designed into a bird’s nest. This lovely bird nest candle holder is made from Polyresin iron, glass and acrylic. Besides its unique style it also has a warm earth tone finishing. This is a home décor that will create a welcoming and calming ambiance in your house. This can be best placed in your receiving area or your bedroom. It can be given as a gift on any type of occasion. Share this wonderful gift item to your friends and family.

Phoenix Medallion

This is one interesting gift item. I have been watching SyFy series and this is really a good one to start with. This medallion has an interesting design. It is modeled after the Phoenix Medallion prom from the SyFy series. It comes with a chain for a necklace and keychain. It is made from burnished, bronze colored zinc alloy. But please be advised that this replica will not be able to protect you from fire like what it does in the series. But this is still a nice accent to add on to nice casual attire.

“Tweat Me Like A Princess” Pajamas

This pajama set is available in different sizes and has an image of a bird on and has a phrase that says “Tweat Me like a Princess.” This pajama set consists of a shirt in blue color and pajamas in white with blue stars. This will give the recipient will sure have a good night sleep with this comfortable set of pajamas. She will comfortably sleep like a real princess. This gift idea is a perfect present on any type of occasion. Just make sure you pick the right size.

Whatever gift idea you pick, it will absolutely be a good choice. These gift ideas will remind you and the recipient to be like a bird free to soar high and reach your goals no matter how high it is.

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