Three DIY Dog Costumes That Will Grab Everybody’s Attention This Halloween

Being unique is always the sure and best way to be known and to be famous. This also holds true even in the canine world when you want your pup to be an instant star during dog parades or the most adored in even in the traditional trick or treating activity on Halloween. Do not […]

7 Great Father’s Day Crafts for Children

Father’s Day will be on June 15.  Are you ready for this day?  Have you prepared a little something for dad?  If you are still wondering what to give dad on Father’s Day, well we got your back.  Even the kids can help to make it look mushier and very cute.  We have compiled the […]

5 Awesome Father’s Day Cards Even Kids Can Make

We love dad, but do we tell him often?  Father’s Day is coming soon, now is the best time to let him know! He maybe too busy working but as we all know it, he is working hard to give us a wonderful life that he could imagine.  Father’s Day is a day to credit […]

3 Creative Father’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

  We all love receiving gifts but more excitement to open the present builds up when we see a beautifully wrapped gift is being handed over to us.  A wonderfully wrapped present gives your recipient the impression that you have put much thought into making your gift a perfect one.  On Father’s Day, surprise dad […]

Father’s Day Facts and Figures, Gift Ideas (Infographics)

Father’s Day is coming really soon. It is a celebration of dad’s significance in our lives. Fatherhood, paternal bonds, and their influence in the society are celebrated on this very day. Do you know when and where it all started? Here’s a brief history on it. After the success of Mother’s Day in the US […]

6 Handmade Father’s day Gift Ideas You Can Create at Home

Father’s Day is coming soon, have you prepared your gift for dad?  If you have not found the perfect gift for dad, why not make one?  Yes, you can create homemade gifts for the man of the hour in simple ways you never thought you could.  Homemade gifts are great since you are assured that […]

Passive-Agressive Gift Ideas for a Frenemy

Do you have a friend who makes your life miserable but you can’t seem to live without? Gift giving is quite a difficult task and it may get even more difficult if the recipient of your gift is quite hard to please or is quite hard to deal with. On the contrary, you can actually […]

Gifts to Children That Parents Secretly Hate

Children are the ones who enjoy holidays the most because most people say that it’s all about them. Children love the festivities especially the gift giving part. Of course, they are the recipients of most gifts. They receive gifts from relatives of both parents, from friends of their parents, from their friends, classmates and the […]

Cute Handmade Mother’s Day Cards You Can Give Mom

Mother’s Day is coming really soon, have you prepared a little something for Mom?  If you are on a tight budget or if you want to make something special for Mom, a Handmade Mother’s Day Card is a great idea.  We have gathered the top ten great ideas for a handmade mother’s day card. Feel […]

Mother’s Day Facts and Gift Ideas! (Infographic)

Mother’s Day is a special day that is widely celebrated in the United States and in 143 different countries around the globe.  It is celebrated to honor mothers, maternal bonds and motherhood.  In the US and in Canada, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May but in other countries it is celebrated […]