10 Fun and Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s day is coming really soon.  Even the kiddos know when this day will be celebrated and they too can be part of this special occasion. Why not give them some easy tasks that they can do on Mother’s Day.  If you are tired of searching for possible activities for the kids on Mother’s Day […]

Lovingly Homemade: Mother’s Day Gifts to Make

Moms are the women who molded us and cared for us from her womb and even as we grow old.  Without her, life would be so much different and on her special day which comes only once a year let’s make her feel loved and shower her with gifts that we made ourselves.  Shopping for […]

How to Create Touching Wedding Gift Messages (and Samples!)

A celebration of the union of love between a husband and wife is such a heartfelt and fleeting moment not only for the newlywed but also for the attendees.  As a guest in a wedding, you know that you need to impart with them happiness by giving them love, gift and a nice wedding card.  […]

Wedding Gifts – Do’s and Don’t for Couples and Guests

Wedding days and wedding daze, wedding may do come in a handful.  Whether you are the one planning a wedding or just attending one, there are a lot of factors to consider and proper wedding etiquette should never be taken for granted. A registry keeps track of who bought what and eliminates the chances of […]

How Much Should One Spend on Wedding Gifts?

Wedding bells are ringing. Friends are taking the plunge one after the other. Once you are invited to a wedding day, do you really make a certain rule on how much to spend on wedding gifts? Let’s face it, weddings are fun but they may come a little bit tough on your bank account. From […]

These Shamrock-Shaped Food Will Rock Your Friends’ Worlds

St. Patrick’s Day is only few days away. Have you prepared your lucky treats for your St. Paddy’s get together Party at the office? As we know, St. Patrick’s Day is not a national holiday in America, so we really need to report to work and do our routines as usual. But we can also […]

Crafty St. Patrick’s Day Cards You Can Make Yourself

Everyone’s Irish on March 17 as what the Guinness Storehouse says.   St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every March 17 since the ninth century by the Irish people in Europe. As time passed by, people from several nations have adopted this festivity and became Irish by heart.  Green color is everywhere, unlimited green beer or whiskey, […]

Five Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.  Have you prepared activities for the kids for your St. Patrick’s Day party?  Don’t worry; we have compiled six easy, breezy projects for the kiddos that will not only entertain your kids but will also help them learn while having fun.  In addition, the materials needed are readily available […]

What to Give Your Friends on St. Patrick’s Day?

The green, cheerful day of St. Patrick is a celebration of culture and heritage.  This festivity is not a federal holiday in the United States but it is largely participated to celebrate Irish-American culture.  It is a fun day of alcoholic drinks and food dyed in green.  Even the water is dyed in green in […]

How to Find the Perfect Gift for a Co Worker

Gifts are the best way to exercise our generosity and thoughtfulness.  However, gift giving can be tricky especially at the office. We have all been in a situation when we were not sure what to get, when we surprisingly received an over the top gift from a co- worker whom we don’t like or haven’t […]