How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day Gifts, Flowers and Dates

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated and commercialized holiday in the world.  According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, over 1 billion cards are sent each year for Valentine’s Day.  Consumers spend roughly $131 on Valentine’s Day items, with a total of almost $18.6 billion, according to the National Retail Federation.  Basically, this […]

Experience Gifts for You and Your Lover This Valentine’s Day


Are you tired of setting up surprises that are so predictable? Well good thing you are on the right web page! Make your lover be really surprised on Valentine’s Day. It is a remarkable idea to make this day special and unique. Giving gifts in boxes are already expected, these things are so predictable. Why […]

Four Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas to Knock Your Partner Off Their Feet

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When we give gifts we want to surprise the person who will receive it. We wrapped our gifts to conceal what is inside it. Wrapping gifts adds excitement to the recipient. Most of the time, gift wrappers are the most unappreciated part of the gift. I love wrapping gifts and of course I want my […]

Valentines Day Gifts: Facts, Figures and Tips (Infographics)


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and lovers would be both busy thinking and looking for the perfect gift for their hearts’ other half.  Gift giving is not a prerequisite on Valentine’s Day, this romantic day for lovers even started as a pagan mating ritual Lupercalia back in ancient Rome.  It then was adapted by Christians […]

Sweet Framed Love Poems You Can Give Your Lover on February 14th


It is easy to say that you love the person but the challenging part is to make it last. This gift idea is something that will remind your loved one how much you love him or her. Framed poem is a simple reminder of a great love you have for that person. It is a […]

These Five Very Crafty Valentines Gifts Will Make Your Guy Feel like A Stud

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Assure him that he is the only one in your life and he is irreplaceable. Give him something extra special this Valentine’s day. Handmade gifts are the best Valentine gift you can give him. Your personal touch adds more love and value to your gift. 52 Reasons Why I Love You Tell him all the […]

Four Crafty Handmade Valentines Day Gifts That Will Swoon Her

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If you want to put a little extra manual effort on your gift for her on Valentines day, you might want to choose to give her something handmade. The thought of you assembling the gift yourself will make her feel important and loved. Check out these crafts that will make her fall in love with […]

Six Outstanding Gift Wrapping Ideas that Astound the Recipient

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Gift giving is not only a generous act but can also be a way to showcase your artsy side.  The gift you have presented would be astounding not only because of the person who handed it over or because of the nice gift wrapper and bow.  Your gift wrapping would also convey your message or […]

These Five Crocheted Presents Will Wow The Recipient This Christmas


Crochet… the favorite past time of many women are now becoming more and more presentable thanks to the now thriving business of hand made gifts.  Remember that crocheted sweater your granny made for you when you were as a kid? Now, even if you do not have a crotchety old lady to knit for you, […]

Five Handmade Gift Ideas Women Will Adore

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The gifting season is just around the corner. Christmas is really such a festive season and everyone is excited about it. I personally, would love to receive gifts most especially from my loved ones. A Really Cute Handmade Dress Since it’s already winter and the cool breeze is really felt already. I would love my […]