Top 10: Beautiful Gift Ideas for a Talented Singer

Singers are blessed with fantastic vocal cords. Not everyone can sing; that includes me. I admire those who has strong vocal that can sing high pitched notes. They can’t be good singers if they don’t practice a lot. To be a good singer it requires practice and discipline. Looking for a gift for a singer […]

Gardening Gifts for Green Thumbs: A Gardener’s Delight!

You can teach everyone how to plant a seed but not all of them can do it right. Not everybody has a green thumb. This is a natural skill for gardening. This is a skill that cannot be learned. It is like having a magical hand that can turn seeds into a bountiful and healthy […]

Top 10: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Being a teacher is really a challenging job. It is stressful yet very rewarding. Our teachers are one of those who help us be who we are now. We should be grateful that they are there to teach us what we know and they have prepared us to face the real world. This coming Christmas […]