TV / Music / Video Games Themed Gifts

Presents to give to the video game geek to the zombie apocalypse fan. We list here the presents you can give to a TV, music or video game buff. Here are fan gifts that will give joy to the couch potato!

Gift Guide for the Pokemon Go Fan

Do you know someone who is a fan of Pokemon Go? Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few months, you no doubt know of someone who has been bitten by the Pokemon bug. The Pokemon phenomenon has taken the world by storm as gamers roam the real world hunting for […]

Fun Leprechaun Themed Gift Ideas

The leprechauns are icons of Saint Patrick’s Day. The original Irish name of these figures of folklore is “lobairicin” which means small bodied fellow. They usually take the form of old men who enjoy partaking in mischief. Irish legends say that if anyone fixated their eyes upon one, he cannot escape but once the gaze […]

Awesome Angry Birds Gift Ideas

This cool mobile game app has conquered the hearts of many kids and adults. They have become one of the best selling games for mobiles. And now they expanded their invasion from your mobile screen to your home and now everywhere. There are a lot of fans who fell in love with this Angry Birds. […]

The Best Video Game Themed Gift Ideas for a Geek

I like video games when I was still a kid, but I love them more when I grew up. There are so many video games out in the market. I remember playing Cobra, Super Mario Bros., and Tetris. These games are so old school but they are still a hit. But nowadays games evolved into […]

Ninja Themed Gift Ideas: Best Stuff for Great Warriors

Ninja or also called Shinobi in Japan. They are known to be very good warriors but at the same time they are also known to do bad things like assassination and sabotage. Ninjas are specially trained spies and mercenaries. Despite having many folktales about ninjas but with historical studies accounts about ninjas are scarce. They […]

Top List: Gift Ideas Perfect for Music Lovers

Music itself is a gift that brings a lot of thing to a person. It creates a wonderful and magical feeling to a person. It calms us, it also inspire and motivate a person. It lifts your feeling if you are down or double your happiness. Some individuals have exceptional passion and love for music. […]

Top 10: Awesome Gifts for Books Lovers

Reading books are also a way of feeding our minds and imagination. Like what people say “Books can take you places, times and other dimension. Reading is also a way to relax and exercise your mind. No wonder why there are a lot of people who loves reading. It’s like if you afford to visit […]

Fun & Awesome Stuff: The Best Zombie Themed Gift Ideas

It is fun to think that a lot of shows in the television, comic books and even movies are zombies inspired. Surprisingly a lot of who watch and read the story loved it instead of getting scared of these zombies. Even me, I find these zombies cute and funny especially because I enjoyed playing Plants […]

Mama Mia! The Best Super Mario Bros Gifts Ever!

Super Mario Bros started as a platform video game created by Nintendo around 1985 and has been a great success that even the generation today loves it the same way the generation before did. It is about the great adventure of Mario and Luigi. The story goes by saving Princess Toadstool from Bowser in the […]

My Top 10 Favorites: Walking Dead Gift Ideas

This television horror/drama had conquered not just the American television but almost the world. It was originally a comic book series that entered the television world and was successful doing that. The stories runs around the story if Rick Grimes who is a sheriff deputy who awaken from a long comma only to find out […]