My Top 10 Picks: Great Gifts for Gamers

Gamers seat the whole day playing their favorite game. They can’t help it especially if the game is really cool. There are game consoles nowadays that can connect multiplayers no matter what part of the world they are. This is also a good way to get out of stress and another way to meet new […]

The Best Star Trek Gift Ideas for Trekkies!

Star Trek has influenced a lot of people on the world of science fiction. It has been an inspiration to many great invention and technology we are enjoying now. Personally speaking I did like the idea of having multiracial casts; it opened the eye of many of not minding the differences of every being. They […]

My Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Gift Ideas!

Game of Thrones is arguably the popular epic fantasy drama ever created on television. It has memorable characters and a story line that has captured the hearts of many viewers and fans. It has already produced an unbelievably large legion of fans across the globe and for a fantasy drama, a unusually large number of […]

Ten Best Minecraft Gifts for the Minecraft Addict

Contrary to what many people believe, there are many Minecraft gifts and merchandise out there. In fact, we had a hard time picking out the best. If you are looking for a gift for the Minecraft addict of your life, whether he is an adult or a child, no worries. We have compiled the best […]

Nine Best Dr. Who Gifts for the Die Hard Fan of the TV Series

Dr. Who is a great sci-fi TV series that made a huge cult following. If you are looking for great Dr. Who Gifts for the geek of your life, then you are in the right place! Here, we compiled the best Dr. Who inspired products. And we are not just talking TARDIS*, my friend. (But […]

Ten Perfect Hunger Games Gifts for Fans of the Book or Movie

May the odds be ever in your favor! If you ever heard that catch phrase from your friend, chances are, he or she is a Hunger Games fan.  If you are thinking of buying that person a gift, they will definitely appreciate anything Hunger Games related. Check out these cool Hunger Games gifts your tribute […]

The Best Star Wars Gift Ideas a Fan Would Enjoy

Any geek would love to receive a gift that is connected to their passion. A Star Wars geek would love to receive replicas of items in the movie, as well as rendition of iconic characters like Darth Vader, R2D2 or Boba Fett into everyday items like clocks, mugs or shirts. If you know someone who […]