The Best Gifts for Dads-to-be

It is very exciting to know that you will soon have your own child. But most of new dads are anxious and scared as well besides being excited and happy. These new dads are happy to know that soon they will have their own mini-me or little princess but they are anxious on how they […]

The Best Gift Ideas for Father-in-Law

There are times that father-in-laws are not really the best buddy to be with. There are times that they are grumpy but there are few lucky ones that have a great bond with their father-in-laws. If you wanted to let him know how much you appreciate him and love him the way you love your […]

Excellent Gift Ideas for Dads Who Want Nothing

Whenever we ask are dads what they wanted they rarely say what they like and want to have. They have the idea that they are the provider and they don’t know the feeling of asking for something because they are used to give instead of to receive. You don’t need to wait for a special […]

Top Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything (aka the Rich Daddy)

Thanking your father of all the love he has given his child is something they deserve. But how will you show your appreciation and love to him? You don’t need to buy expensive gifts especially for someone who almost has everything. Sometimes the simpler the gift is the better. Whiskey StonesTHINKGEEK.COM Well yes he can […]

Top 10: The Best Gifts for Grandfathers

I remember my grandfather teaching me how to draw, how to use a typewriter and how to sing (well singing is the only thing I wasn’t able to do well.) I can still visualized how he looks and how his voice sounds when he teach me the great lessons of life. My grandfather inspired me […]

Ten Best Gift Ideas a New Dad Would Love to Receive

New dads are partly excited and nervous to see his first baby. It is more than the nervousness he feels in a job interview or when he asked for his wife’s hand. For sure these new dads are delighted to see their 1st baby and we can’t avoid the fact that they are somehow anxious […]

Fun and Creative Gifts for Dads from Daughters

I am a Daddy’s girl myself. A lot of father’s days were celebrated and gifts were given. I feel so protected and safe when ever my dad is around. I make it to the point that I made something special to make him smile. Making my father smile is a great thing for me; I […]