Fun Leprechaun Themed Gift Ideas

The leprechauns are icons of Saint Patrick’s Day. The original Irish name of these figures of folklore is “lobairicin” which means small bodied fellow. They usually take the form of old men who enjoy partaking in mischief. Irish legends say that if anyone fixated their eyes upon one, he cannot escape but once the gaze […]

Six Gorgeous Shamrock Gifts a Woman Will Love

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. Gift giving to a lady friend may be difficult for the guys because you don’t want to send the wrong signals to her because of the present. If you want to show your love for her as a friend you have […]

Top Seven St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Women

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give, according to Ben Carson. It is true that there is an awesome feeling experienced whenever we give someone a gift no matter how small or big the gift was. Special occasions and holidays come and it’s been a common practice by some to […]

St Patrick’s Day Gifts: Funny T-Shirts for Children

Children love the holidays because of the festive atmosphere, the food, the games and most especially because of the gifts. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. Although it started out as an Irish holiday, it has turned out to be a global festivity and everyone seems to […]

Five Cool Shamrock Gift Ideas for the Guys

Shamrock is the chosen national emblem of Ireland. This is so because St. Patrick has used this plant in his teachings about the Holy Trinity. With the help of this plant, Saint Patrick was able to demonstrate the significance of God’s oneness in three personas. This plant was then considered and believed by Irish to […]

Top Six St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Men

Saint Patrick’s Day has been associated with everything Irish such as anything green, shamrocks and luck. Most importantly, St. Patrick’s Day is a day for spiritual renewal and offering prayers for missionaries worldwide. In American cities with a large Irish population, St. Patrick’s Day is well celebrated. Although big cities and small towns celebrate alike […]

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts: Funny T-Shirts for Men

Gift giving is one of the most fulfilling kind acts that we could ever experience in our existence. From choosing the gift, wrapping the gifts and handing them over to our recipient bring different levels of joy to the sender. St. Patrick’s Day is soon coming, have you thought of the perfect gift for your […]

St. Patrick’s Day Gifts: Seven Funny T-Shirts for Women

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the famous holidays in Ireland and around the globe. This day is also a special day to show your love of the color green, merriment, booze, meat and a lot more. On this day, you can also give gifts like any other holidays. Show your thoughtfulness and sense of […]

Funny St. Patty’s Day Greeting Cards You Can Buy

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day that you could mail and show your love to the special people in your life. You can also show them and send some greeting cards even on Saint Patrick’s Day. Hallmark approximately sells anywhere between eight to fifteen million St. Patrick’s Day themed cards annually which makes you not […]