Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Every woman would love to get flowers as much as men would love receiving a tie during anniversaries, but what if you want to give something that is not overused? Here are some anniversary gift ideas for both the husband and wife that showcase anything more than flower chocolates, neck ties and wines. OK we include those classic gifts too, but we add a twist to them as much as possible.

The Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents (from Children!)

Spending five decades with someone you really love is just a short time to count. Golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated events. It is a great milestone for a couple to reach their 50th year together, staying married and keeping their love on fire. Gold symbolizes 50th wedding anniversaries. A marriage that is […]

Our Top 10 Picks: 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

40th Wedding Anniversary is a special occasion to celebrate. 40 years spent together is a wonderful achievement of a marriage. Ruby is the symbol that stands for your parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. It said that ruby has an eternal inner flame that stands for the passion in a marriage. This eternal inner flame fuels their […]

Our Best 10 Picks: Beautiful 30th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Pearl is the traditional gifts given to those who are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversaries. This has been being observed since the middle ages. Your parents must have been through a lot and they manage to surpass all the challenges they had in their marriage. A marriage grows stronger as years pass by. Just like […]

The Best 10: Beautiful 15th Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

You must be thinking on how to surprise your wife on your 15th wedding anniversary. The time is ticking and you are out of idea what to give her. 15th wedding anniversary celebration follows traditional and modern symbols. You can base your gift ideas from these symbols. The traditional symbol for 15th wedding anniversary celebrations […]

Great 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

You and your husband are about to celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary. It is important to know the symbolism associated to the type of anniversary you and your spouse are celebrating. Crystal is the traditional gift symbol associated to 15th anniversary celebrations. For modern gifts watches are what are given during this kind of anniversary. […]

Fun & Romantic 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts He Will Love

I bet you can’t wait to surprise your husband on your 20th wedding anniversary. First let me wish the both of you in advance, a happy 20th anniversary. Great job! It is not easy to reach this stage. It is a marvelous milestone in your marriage. Traditional gifts to symbolizes a 20th anniversary include China, […]

Classy and Romantic 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Marriage is an endless journey, but reaching 20 years together is such a great achievement. As you celebrate your 20th anniversary together, reassure your wife that you will love her forever. Your marriage is growing stronger as the years pass by. China is the traditional symbol for 20 years of marriage. It symbolizes how beautiful […]

Romantic and Gorgeous Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

You have been together for a decade and it is really a great achievement for the both of you. As you rekindle your 10 years of romance, let it be an opportunity to commit yourselves to stay together for another decade or more together. Aluminum is the traditional symbol for 10th Anniversary celebrations. It symbolizes […]

Beautiful Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Celebrate a decade of romance and love! Congratulations you have reached your first major milestone of your marriage. You and your husband have proven the durability of your bond to each other. Prepare a celebration for this special day. Surprise your husband with a romantic dinner or a simple gift that will remind him of […]

Top Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Her Swoon

Great job! Not all marriages last that long and you are one of the lucky couples who survived the trials you had for the last 5 years and that for sure made your bond stronger and better. You guys really have to celebrate this great achievement. It is another milestone of your marriage. Wood is […]