Ten Best Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Way to go! You are on your fifth wedding anniversary. It has been a long journey but you have more ahead of you both. Wood is the traditional symbol for 5th anniversaries. Imagine, you have already spent half a decade together. Wood represents solidity and strength. It also represents the strength of the bond between […]

The Best Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Time passes by so fast! You are already at your second wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Time passes quickly when you are enjoying each other’s presence. You wouldn’t notice time passing if you are with someone you truly love. Cotton is the traditional gift for 2nd anniversaries, you can still follow it but maybe you can put […]

Top Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Great! You are about to celebrate your second anniversary. You are both getting along with married life and you grow more comfortable with each other as years pass by. Maybe that is why the traditional symbol for a 2nd anniversary is cotton. Cotton is known to be a material that is versatile. Most products made […]

The Best First Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversaries are what we women love to celebrate. They are really big deals for us, especially celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. It is something we look forward to. It is like a child longing for their birthday to come. It is traditional practice to give someone a gift made of paper on their first year […]

The Best First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Congratulations! You have been through the first year of your wonderful bond. I wish that you and your spouse will have more anniversaries to celebrate together. Paper is a traditional symbol for first anniversaries and in modern days we use clock as a symbol of the first milestone you had with each other. Well it […]