Top 10: Inexpensive (But High Quality) Baby Shower Gifts

cheap baby shower gifts

Cheap doesn’t automatically mean that an item has poor quality. For me it is something with good quality made affordable. There are still good finds for cheap or let me say affordable gift ideas. You just have to be patient in looking for the best pick! There are baby shower gifts that are so affordable but they are made from good materials and have good quality. In giving a baby shower gift we have to consider the price and the quality. There are times that both don’t come together. Well here is my list of 10 baby shower gift ideas that is so affordable and has good quality too.

Spasilk 100% Cotton Hooded Terry Bath Towel With 4 Washcloths

This is cute baby bath towel comes with four washcloths. Besides from its cute look it is affordable too. Imagine a set of four wash cloths and a baby bath towel in a price of one gift item? This is also a practical gift that will help the mother or caregiver in taking care of their new baby. It is made from100% thick, absorbent and soft cotton. It feels great on baby’s skin. It has a hood feature that will keep the baby warm and dry. This baby shower gift item will surely be loved by both the mother and her most awaited baby.

The First Years – Healthcare and Grooming Kit

If you want to impress the celebrant or the mother to be with your baby shower gift with limited budget, this is a nice gift idea to wrap. It has everything a mother need to make sure her baby is clean and healthy. This gift idea is a complete set of health care and grooming essentials of her baby. She will surely thank you with this gift idea. This also comes with a baby care wellness and safety guide that will make sure that the baby is 100% safe. This is an excellent baby shower gift to give.

Summer Infant Cradler Head Support

This is something so useful for moms who drive. It keeps the baby’s head from slumping down or sideways. The best thing about this head support is it can be adjusted to make the baby feel comfortable. It provides comfort to the baby while in a carrier. It makes travelling easy and fun for the mother and the baby. It has micro –beads inside it that makes sure the baby gets safe support from it.

Dexbaby Nursery Organizer, White

A gift that gives convenience to the parents and the new baby is really a smart gift idea. Giving practical gift is a smart thing to do, because it helps the parents take care of their child. This gift idea will save space and maintain the nursery in order. It can be mounted on the wall or placed at the back of the door. It can be attached to any changing table or dresser keeping everything tidy and in order. And the best thing about it is it won’t cost you big time. A wonderful baby shower gift in a very affordable price.

Mustachifier – The Cowboy Mustache Pacifier

Cute, funny and affordable baby shower gift idea. This gift item is a dual-injected mustache made from safe and soft food-grade materials that are also used for baby teethers. It has a natural orthodontic shape that is safe for babies and will not affect the baby’s teeth formation. The recipient will surely have a good laugh once she sees this gift item. It will make everybody laugh. Imagine how cute it will look on her adorable baby. Everybody will have a double look on the baby! Cute and affordable gift and a good choice too!

Baby Einstein Octoplush

A cute toy to make an adorable baby busy and entertained! This sift, multi-textured developmental toy is one of the best gift idea for baby shower. It helps the parents keep their baby busy and entertained while learning. This will make the baby quite and the parents do their task while their hands are free. This Baby Einstein toy plays melody and let the baby be exposed to music while playing with his adorable toy. It also introduces different texture to the baby allowing him to develop his mind. This is a wonderful gift that fits your budget.

Malden Baby’s First Year Collage Picture Frame

A lovely photo collage that will capture the special moments of the new baby is a perfect baby shower gift idea. It comes with 13 openings ready to keep cute photos of this adorable baby. It is made of metal that holds one 4”x6” and 12 wallet photos. Both parents will love this gift idea and they will surely be excited to put their baby’s future photos in that lovely frame. They will be delighted to have this gift. What a fantastic baby shower gift idea and affordable too!

Luvable Friends Baby-girls Little Shoe Socks 3-Piece Gift Set

Imagine these cute little socks on that baby’s peony feet. They will surely love adorable. These cute socks are made from 73% cotton, 25% nylon and 2% spandex. It fits comfortably up to 9 months. It comes in a lovely clear box with a cute gift ribbon perfect for gift giving. These socks will keep the baby’s feet warm and cozy on cold weather. These pairs of socks are machine washable and the best this about this gift idea is that it is a 3-piece gift set for a very affordable price!

Luvable Friends 4 Count Flannel Receiving Blanket Set

This gift idea will be the first one to hug the new baby! The parents will be grateful for this gift item because it has several uses. It can be use for sleeping, stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth or even just for cuddling. It is so soft that the baby will feel comfortable using it. It is so convenient to use when traveling. It comes with ribbon perfect for gift giving. This is absolutely a practical and affordable gift idea for baby shower. Great choice!

Baby’s First Book of Prayers

Teaching the baby how to pray on an early age is absolutely fine. Drawing them closer to God is the best gift you can give the baby. This charming book of prayers is a wonderful gift that will make mothers and fathers help them raising a God fearing child. Parents will love this padded, embossed and foil-stamped book of prayers. It is also a perfect chance for moms and dads to be closer and to bond with their little angel. It is indeed an affordable gift idea that has great value.

Gifts can be cheap but you can also get good quality gift items on discounted price. There are affordable gift items that has good value and durability. Just be wise in choosing and the best thing to remember is that gifts should be given with love.

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