Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend (Under 15 Dollars)

valentines gifts for boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is such a special day for both young and unmarried couples. For them it is something that they really have to celebrate. Well married couples celebrate Valentine’s Day too but in a different level.

If you are young and in love, celebrating Valentine’s Day usually means celebrating on a tight budget. If you are looking for a romantic gift for your boyfriend but you don’t have a lot to spend, you need not worry because here is a list of gifts that will make your boyfriend happy without you spending a fortune.

Exothermic Crystallization – Reusable Hand Warmers

They say that love is a chemical reaction. It is a feeling controlled by our brain not our hearts. Our hearts beat faster when we are in love and we feel warmer when we are beside the person we love.

This gift keeps him warm during cold weather. It is available in four shapes and colors but since it is Valentine’s Day I suggest you give him the heart-shaped hand warmer. This gift is reusable. Just submerge it in hot water to reheat it. However it is not microwave safe. Simple, inexpensive and useful to boot. The perfect kind of gift.

Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

This is a cool gift. Fill up this mug with your favorite hot drink and the pixel heart will fill up – just like in a video game. But this being a Valentine’s Day gift, you can look at it as being refilled with love. It is not magic but pure science.

The heart shape image is made of thermo-graphic ink that reacts to change of temperature. As your drink cools down the heart image changes color as if it is losing its health again. This mug is made of porcelain and can hold up to 12.8 ounces of your favorite beverage. It is dishwasher safe but not microwavable due to the thermo-graphic ink used.

What I Love About You Hardcover

This is an interesting way of saying how much you love your boyfriend. Say “I Love You” in a different way on Valentine’s Day with this fill-in-the-blank book. The questions and exercises in the book prompts you to say what is really in your heart.

You will need to spend a few hours to fill out the entire book before presenting it to him but believe me he will adore you for it. It is a one-of-a-kind present.

Brown Monkey Holding Long Stem Chocolate Rose

Who says it is only guys who give flowers? This cute plush monkey hugging a chocolate rose stem is a nice gift for your boyfriend.

This gift lasts longer than an actual stem of rose as its flower will never wither; not unless he eats the chocolate rose. But whether he eats the chocolate or not the monkey plush will still be around as a reminder of your love for him.

Silver Spherical Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a common gift for Valentine’s Day but when you are on a tight budget, it gets a little trickier to find a pair that not only fits your budget but doesn’t look like something you picked up from the bargain bin.

This pair of Silver Spherical Cufflinks is made of platinum-plated metal with a glossy finish. It is 13 mm in diameter and weighs 5.6 ounces so they are comfortable to wear. Being silver, they should easily match whatever outfit he has in his wardrobe.

His & Hers Love Necklace Set

A love necklace for lovers is a perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day. For under $15, you get not just one but two gifts and one of them is for you. Your boyfriend will adore this. You entrust your heart to him and his to you.

This exchange of the heart adds the right touch of romance to do this Valentine’s Day. This lovely necklace is made by KONOV makers of high quality and elegant jewelry. This gift idea includes 2 pieces of high quality stainless steel chain and 2 pieces of heart stainless steel pendants; one for you and one for him.

Sweetheart Sayings Bands

Just like Facebook status this gift is for showing your status update. Let everybody knows your status. This is a fun and cool gift idea for your him and best of all you don’t need to spend a lot.

This gift pack includes 10 skinny silicone wristbands with cool status updates. Now, he can even update his status everyday with or without an internet connection.

11″ I Wuff You Dog Plush

This 11 inch dog plush makes such a sweet gift idea for your boyfriend this coming Valentine’s Day. It is a soft fluffy dog plush holding an embroidered heart pillow with a phrase that reads “I Wuff You”.

This is a high quality plush but doesn’t cost a lot. Perfect for gift buyers on a tight budget.

Key to Heart Couple’s Keychain

Send him your love message through this couple’s keychain. You can choose from 3 lovely styles of these romantic couple’s keychain. Each gift package comes with 2 key chains, one for him and a matching one for you.

The keychains come in a silver tone and made of stainless steel. This gift is cute and inexpensive.

Hearts Neck Tie

Make him wear this adorable tie on your Valentine’s Day date together. It is a 57-inch long tie with brilliant red hearts on a black background.

This lovely tie is made from 100% micro fiber and an original designs from Ralph Marlin, well known creator of highly original novelty ties. This is both a funny and cute gift. Make him show his love for you by wearing it on a tie. Add a photo-booth session to your date with him wearing this tie.

Your Valentine’s Day celebration will be fun, romantic and memorable.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if you give him expensive or budget-friendly gifts. What really matters is that you spent this special day with the person you really love. He will appreciate any gift you will give him as long as you are with him to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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