Top List: Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend (Under 20 Dollars)

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Are you still undecided on what to give her on Valentine’s Day? Thinking of what to get her is probably easy but what makes it tough is if you have a limited budget for buying the most romantic Valentine’s Day present for your beloved girlfriend.

So how do you not blow a big hole in your wallet and yet make her happy this Valentine’s Day? Well, you can start off by referring to this handy list of Valentine’s Day gifts that cost less than 20 dollars each.

I Love You Heart Shape Pendants

For less than $15.00 you can get her a pendant love necklace made of stainless steel and comes in a lovely jewelry gift bag. What’s more, you are not getting just one pendant but two – one for her and one for you.

The two pendants are like puzzle pieces that form a heart when put together. It is like saying you complete each other. How sweet.

Coffee mugs are popular Valentine’s Day presents but this one is a little extra special because you can customize it by replacing or adding your own photo or text to the mug.

The seller’s site even has a handy tool for you to upload and edit your design. You can preview your handy work before confirming your order. It takes a few days for them to ship out your customized mug to you so you better hurry if you planning to get this.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet

Fresh flowers may be popular but they are so passe! Why not try another way of giving her these flowers instead?

These are pixelated flowers. They don’t need water. They never wither. And they can be mounted on a folding stand if she wants to display them. Alternatively there are also holes in the back for wall mounting. This gift idea will let you earn you bonus love points from her! A gamer girl would love these.

Chocolate Ammo DIY Kit

Chocolates and Roses are the most common gifts given during Valentine’s Day. But they are kinda boring. Why don’t you add a little danger? Give her this funny and unique Valentine’s Day present.

Make funny bullet shaped chocolates with the reusable chocolate molds and place them in the ammo tin. Perfect gift is she is a fan of “Bullets for my Valentine” but still cute is she is not.

“Once In A Lifetime” Framed Poem

You only get to meet your soul mate once in a lifetime. This is a heart-stirring present to give her. It shows how much you love her and how thankful you are to finally meet your soul mate.

It says exactly what you feel for her. She is a once in a life time treasure in your life. This is the poetic way to her heart. It assures her that you will love her for a lifetime.

Heart Case for Apple iPhone 6

Did you girlfriend just got herself a new iPhone 6? Then you can’t go wrong by giving her this heart shaped Valentine’s Day iPhone 6 case.

This case has a cute and girly design with a heart-shaped cutout to show the Apple logo on her iPhone. It provides full access to all the buttons and iPhone while providing protection from falls and scratches.

This cute Valentine’s Day present is a good quality, thick mouse pad and the print looks great. It has vibrant colors and you can customize it by printing your own romantic messages on it.

Create a custom mouse pad. It has a durable cloth cover which is dust and stain resistant to keep the vibrancy of its colors and design. It is so convenient to use with a non slip back that holds the mouse pad in place.

Luv Pup 18″ Plush

Give her this cuddly love Puppy made of soft red and white fabric. In can be converted into a pillow by opening the Velcro closure. Just close the back if she wants to enjoy it as a cuddly soft pet.

If you can’t be there all the time is she wanted to cuddle you, and then this pet can be your replacement. She can cuddle it whenever she misses you. She will find this present a sweet and romantic gift ever. It is extremely soft and makes a great pillow and pet.

Butterfly in a Jar

Present her with a butterfly in a jar. It is a sweet gesture and you don’t have to catch anything and no butterfly is harmed in making this gift.

It is not a real butterfly in the jar but a battery operated one. However, it flutters and moves like one and is highly realistic. Simply tap the jar cover and the butterfly will flutter and fly around in a seemingly random pattern. It is hard to tell that it is not a real butterfly.

I hope you already picked one or two gifts from this list. You don’t need to spend a fortune just to show her how you love her. All you need is to give her all your love. Love her genuinely these gifts is just a representation of what you feel. Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated with or without expensive gifts.

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