The Best Christmas Gifts a Dad Will Receive (From His Child)

Dad Christmas Gifts

When we were still young we wait for Santa to fill our stocking with goodies and treats. We don’t know that it is really our dad who filled it with sweets and makes are Christmas wishes come true. This Christmas let us be the one to surprise him with great gifts. Here is a list of Christmas ideas that your dad and fathers out there will surely love to have.

“I Love Dad” Cufflinks

This gift suggestion has excellent quality and great style. It is perfect for any occasions like office meetings, anniversaries and some important events. It adds more stylish image to your dad’s appearance. This is a nice Christmas gift to your dad, uncle or someone you know who is already a dad or soon to be one. This completes well-dressed attire. These set of cufflinks are made of well plated metal and comes with an elegant gift box, just right for gift giving.

Holiday Wreath of Sweets and Christmas Treats Gift Box

Share the spirit of Christmas with this delicious gourmet food gift box. It has a traditional holiday wreath design perfect for the occasion. Inside it are sweets, snacks and all time favorite Christmas treats that for sure everyone will love and that includes your dad. The box is also reusable. After all the sweets and treats are gone, this box can be used again as a gift box or storage. Each are delicately hand crafted and shrink wrapped. Do not forget to add your sweet Christmas message for your dad. He will be pleased to have this.

Like Dad Like Son Hallmark Ornament

This Hallmark ornament will make your dad’s Christmas very memorable. Besides that this ornament is dated, it also shows an affectionate dad and son connection. “Like dad, Like son” is such a short phrase that shows a strong bond between the two. These marks a Christmas spend with each other. This is really a memorable gift to give someone who is a father or son to be one. Christmas will never be special without the people you love. Your dad will surely love to have this gift and to celebrate this special holiday with you.

Faux Lamb Fur Throw Blanket

This is gift idea looks like a luxurious gift. This lightweight fleece throw blanker is perfect for cold season to keep your dad comfortable and warm. It is versatile that it can be used indoors and even outdoors. It gives your dad comfort and warmth when his at home or even when her travels. This reversible self-hemmed throw blanket is so soft and it comes in different colors. Just unzip its 15 inch zipper to turn the blanket inside out. This is a perfect gift for your dad, the next time he snooze while watching television you won’t worry because this throw blanket will keep him warm.

Malden Bronze “Dad” Picture Frame

This gift idea is made of a casted frame with letters D-A-D. It is a Christmas gift that will keep you and your dad’s memory for a lifetime. Capture that precious moment with your dad and keep it in this lovely frame that will seal that memory for a long time. This bronze script frame looks so simple but what makes it special is how it preserves a special moment you have with each other. Your dad will surely appreciate and love this Christmas gift.

“Merry Christmas, Dad” Transforming Mug

This dull and simple black mug can transform into a Christmas themed mug. Just pour in hot liquid in to it and it will magically transform from a black mug to a white one. It has berries and poinsettias printed on both sides, just perfect for the holiday season. It is made of ceramic, microwave safe and most of all it is lead free. This Holiday season is cold so your dad will love to drink his favorite hot drink from this unique Christmas mug. This will become his favorite mug for sure.

GeekDad – Geeky Projects for Dads and Kids

If you are looking for a gift for a new dad or dad of little genius, this gift idea is perfect for him. It is filled with almost never ending list of cool tidbits about gaming, gadget and futuristic stuff. GeekDad helps every dad to be tech-savvy and help unleash his innate techy talents. It makes a good bonding opportunity for dads and their kids. This will absolutely be handy for all dads out there. This Christmas season share this to fathers you know (that includes your dad) and they will appreciate how useful this book is.

Ultimate 5-in-1 Geek Pen

Five tools in one pen look absolutely great. A pen, stylus, led flashlight, red laser pointer, and UV light all crammed in one pen. It is 5.25” long just like a regular pen and includes batteries. This is the ultimate pen perfect for an ultimate dad! Everything your dad needs on his desk is in this 5-1 pen. This gadget is perfect for dads who love to write. It is so usable; it is like having all of his office needs all in one pen. Great Christmas gift for a great man.

Lucky Horse Statue

Another unique Christmas gift for all dads out there. This fine quality cast resin art statue looks great. It has a stunning design and burgundy colored finish and an eccentric sand pantina. This beautifully crafted classic Chinese tang horse looks majestic and robust. In China horses has a practical importance and stands to be a symbol of male strength and associated to the imperial house. It is casted from a heavy resin showing classically proportioned details of a powerful stallion. Fathers are meant to be the strength of each family and this Christmas gift shows how remarkable the emperor of your family is.

Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee

Since Christmas is the season if gift giving, anything can be given as a gift, any item will be a good gift for everyone. But for your dad, maybe you have to think of giving his something practical and useful. Give him the fogless shower mirror so he won’t get in to trouble shaving of those nasty facial hairs. Every magic trick has a secret, well with this gift idea it’s not really magic but Science. Just simply fill the back of the mirror with hot water and that instantly makes it a fogless mirror. Easy to mount and it comes with removable silicone adhesive and double sided tape for a perfect hold. It also has a shelf for his razor. You better have this gift item in your wish list too!

Christmas is a very special holiday. Every year people are excited for this day to come. There are gifts everywhere. People are smiling and sharing the gift of love all over the place. Start sharing the spirit of Christmas at home.


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