Top 10: Cool Christmas Gifts For Male Friends

male friends

Christmas day is coming near and are you done with your Christmas shopping? If you are having looking for something to give your buddy this Christmas feel free to take a look at these collection of great Christmas gift ideas you can give the guys.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush

Doctor Who Sonic screwdriver toothbrush is an official licensed Doctor Who merchandise and collectibles. This Christmas gift idea is perfect for guys who loves DIY (do it your own) projects. This is a vibrating toothbrush in a unique sonic screw driver design. This gift idea comes with batteries and a spare brush head. If your friend gets bored easily with his stuff, well this gift idea will make him supersonic with it. This is going to be an exciting Christmas gift for your friend.

Whisky Stones Set of 9 Rounded Soapstone and Bag

A set of 9 whiskey stones is a nice Christmas gift idea for a male friend who loves cold drinks and liquor. The good thing about these whiskey stones is it chills your drink without diluting the flavor not just like the regular ice cubes. With this gift idea the original flavor or the drink remains because these stones do not melt. These are also known to be called soapstones. They are soft so they are safe to use on high quality and delicate glasses because it won’t even mark a scratch on it. This gift idea is so easy to use, just rinse and dry them, then put in the fridge for few hours and its ready to chill your favorite drink.

Iron Man LED Shirt

This is a cool gift your friend can receive this Christmas. It is an officially-licensed Marvel product. He will feel like Tony Stark with this great Iron Man shirt. It runs with 3 AAA batteries so the Arc Reactor glows like the one in the film. The shirt is machine washable, all the electronics are designed to be easily removed for washing. This fitted Iron Man shirt is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This shirt really looks like what we see in the film.

LED Light Watch Bracelet

This gift idea comes in an exclusive box with Pulcher® retail packaging. It also has available segments for wrist adjustment for a comfortable fit. It only weights 90g so it won’t be difficult for the recipient to move wearing it. This comes with time and date setting manual. This stylish wrist watch is made of black stainless steel and it has blue LED light to show the time and date. This fashionable wrist watch is a great gift for your stylish friends.

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

A door chimes just like in Star Trek! This is a unique and out of the box Christmas gift idea. Your friend will love this motion-sensitive door chime, created for avid Star Trek fans. If your friend loves to collect Star Trek items this is the right Christmas gift for him. It can be mounted on the side of a door and it will alert you when someone crosses it. This can be a useful alarm system. It is absolutely a 23rd century gadget brought to our time!

Beersicle Coolers

This gift idea chills your beer while you enjoy drinking it at the same time! What it does is it the ice inside the bottle chills the beer. The liquid inside the bottle is purely water unlike other chillers in the market. Freeze it again and again. This is really a useable and practical gift. It can be used for emergency cases if your friend forgets to chill his beer he can still enjoy a cold drink whenever it happens.

Doctor Who Bathrobe

Everybody deserves a break, even the Time Lord does! This super-soft 100% cotton terry cloth bathrobe is a nice gift for a busy friend. Remind him to take a break sometimes, he deserves it. This Christmas gift is officially-licensed BBC merchandise. This bathrobe is made to be really soft and comfortable for an ultimate relaxation. This Christmas gift idea is something your friend will love to have this coming Christmas.

Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

This is what your friend needs to manage his stress from work or at home. This is a heavy duty spring that bounces back to absorb all his stress. It is so durable that it can surpass any amount of punching your friend blows just for him to vent out. This is really helpful to manage his anger and stress. This is another great Christmas gift idea especially for friends that need something to help them vent out. But of course you are also there to help him out right? Just makes sure not to stay close when he started punching his stress buster.

SeV Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

It is really the Ultimate Hoodie ever made. It has 11 pockets for your gadgets and other important stuff. It uses PAN or the Personal Area Network that manages the ear bud wires freely for your convenience. You can listen to your favorite music while your Smartphone is inside your pocket without having the wires being exposed. It is designed for you to feel light even when all the pockets are loaded. It is stylish and definitely very useful. Great and cool Christmas gift for a stylish friend.

Ratchet Belt

This gift idea is a simple yet stylish. This sliding belt has interchangeable buckles for swapping for a new look or even easy removal for airport security. It has a simple ratchet design but it looks classic and fashionable. Its belt is made of high-quality leather. A slide belt is a god Christmas gift because it lets the recipients freely adjusts the waist size without being limited by the holes in the leather belt. It is so comfortable and easy to use.

Any gift idea you pick will definitely make your friend delighted. He will surely appreciate any gift you will give him. Giving without waiting for something in return is really what the Christmas spirit is. Sharing and spreading love to everybody is the best way to celebrate this day.

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