Fun Christmas Gifts for the Guys at the Office: Our Top Picks


You spend almost half of the day with your co-workers at the office. Your friends make the day lighter and more fun. There are times that you just drag yourself to work but you know that your friends will surely make the day in the office cool and fun.

A day in the office will be a lot easier and fun with cool people around you. Thank them with these cool gift suggestions perfect this coming Christmas. Don’t forget to pick one for your boss too!

The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

Are you too busy to get off your office chair? Just like this But Station Desk Accessory. This is also a good gift idea for an office dude you know. It keeps his table tidy no matter how toxic his day in the office is. This amusing office gift can be a pen holder, tape dispenser and cutter and can also function as a paper clip magnet. Your office dude will really appreciate this multifunctional gift. It keeps things in place and his desk tidy.

Portal Bookends

This is really the coolest bookends you will ever see. Help your office dude file up and organize his piles of folders and manuals with this gift idea. These bookends look like a test subject going in and out of a portal. This is made of shiny and durable aluminum to keep all those manuals and files in place. It also has a non-slip rubber padding at the bottom to secure its place. Make his boring work desk a cool and organized one.

Desktop Punching Ball

This gift idea gives a wonderful way to put down the stress in the office and even at home. It is a great stress reliever they can use whenever they are in the office or at home. Whether we like it or not, it is really hard for someone to function well if they a stressed or pissed on something. This is a good avenue to let the stress out of you so you can function well and perform well. This is a cool gift idea to your colleagues who easily get stressed whenever he can’t finish his deliverables on time.

Cordies Cable Organizers

It will be nicer to see your office table neat and clean, free of clutter and devastating look of tangled cords and cables. This present will really make your office dude’s office life easy and light. It keeps the cords from sliding and fall off the desk and makes sure they are intact and in place all the time. It has four loops that can secure one or two cables in each loop space. No worries on its durability, because it is made of rubber that also makes a good grip on the cords and cables. You might consider getting one for you too!

Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Give your office dude a new office toy to play on. You can also give this as a gift to your boss and this will be a hit. This will really pull out the sense humor in you. It has good quality and gives an outstanding fun at work. You and your officemates can make fun of it whether to take your lunch on time or not to take your mandatory overtime. This is not just a decision making toy but it also function as a paper weight. The funny idea how to use it is put it on top of the pile of papers you need to sort out and decide whether you will start doing it or not. This gift idea will never fail you and you might one to have one your desk too.

Boogie Board LCD Tablet

Sometimes when you are bored or stressed out, you have to find a way to release it. Doodling or drawing is one of the way to get out of stress and boredom. This paperless LCD writing tablet can also be used in meetings and presentation. Write down your grocery list, things to do or just simply doodle your stress out. Give this to a friend or your colleague, for sure they will love to have this as a gift and you’ll turn out to be the coolest office dude in your department.

Executive Mini-Sandbox – Beach Break

Office workers are stressed and tired of every day work load, but it may be a bit lighter if you can go out for a break. But what if due to business requirements you can’t go out and enjoy a day out at the beach. You or someone you know might want to spend a vacation but they can’t. This gift idea will give them a piece of beach relaxation inside their office. You can imagine taking a long vacation in a tropical resort, surfing until you drop and relax under the sun and get a good tan. Bring this mini beach inside your office or on a colleague’s desk.

Key Finder

This gift idea is perfect for those who always forget where they placed their key. There are times that we are busy doing stuff in the office, cramming for our deadlines and we tend to be forgetful where we put things due to our attention is all drawn to our deliverables. This is a perfect present to give a busy colleague. This key finder can pick up signals up to 100 feet range. It can even transmit the signal to its receivers through walls. This is a great gift to give someone in the office or even to your boss. Perfect in any occasion too!

USB Fishquarium

This is a cool stuff to have on your work desk. This gift idea has a nice bright LED light on your workplace and all you need is a USB connected to your computer to power it up. This will change your depressing work station into a nice and relaxing desk. Be relaxed as you watch little fish swim around. It also functions as a pen holder, multicolor interior lights, adjustable overhead light, low voltage pump and an under-gravel filtration system. This has so many use but make sure you fill it up with fresh water for your fish to enjoy.

Dead Fred Pen Holder

Well yes sometimes your desk looks like a mess it is like a crime just happened. Why don’t you add humor on your work place and let the ordinary pen holder be like a crime scene in the office. It is a cool stuff to give your officemate or even your boss. Let Dead Fred make your desk look cool. It is made of silicone rubber; pen or pencil will fit perfectly on it. Let your stress and frustration be gone and let Dead Fred have it for you. This can be given as a gift on any type of occasion.

Spread that holiday cheer to your office friends! Have fun!

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