Top 10: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Teachers

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Being a teacher is really a challenging job. It is stressful yet very rewarding. Our teachers are one of those who help us be who we are now. We should be grateful that they are there to teach us what we know and they have prepared us to face the real world.

This coming Christmas show them your gratitude and appreciation. Their job is to teach but they do more than that. The mold their students be a better person, they are really our second parents. Here are some gift suggestions that are simple yet it will show how much you appreciate them.

I’m A Teacher, What’s Your Super Power? Mug

It is not easy to be a teacher. Like what people say, we wouldn’t have a doctor, a lawyer or even a president without a teacher. They have the patience to teach us everything we need to learn. It really seems they really have the super power to teach kids to read, write and to be prepared to the world that awaits them. This mug is a perfect representation of what they really are. A teacher can be a nurse, they can an accountant and they can even be a friend. This is absolutely a memorable and thoughtful Christmas gift for a good and loving teacher.

“A Teacher Takes A Hand, Opens A Mind and Touches The Heart” Necklace

A teacher takes a hand and guides her students with care and love. Their very passionate to what they do. A teacher opens a mind that is so young and full of ideas. They enlighten and widen our mind with things we do not know. A teacher touches their student’s heart just like a mother that looks after her child. This inscription from this lovely pendant necklace is so meaningful. This gift idea will definitely be treasured and loved. It is made of sterling silver with a box chain that has a spring ring clasp for security. It has a lovely design as lovely as your teacher’s heart.

Pop Quiz Clock

Sometimes we think that our teachers are rude giving out pop quiz on a very bad day. But it actually teaches us to be prepared in or daily lives. We don’t know what things might come. We always have to be prepared and surpass whatever challenges may come. With this gift idea your teacher will feel that she is still in school. It has a design that looks almost like a chalkboard. This is a perfect gift for Math teachers. They have to solve the problem first before they can figure out the time. It runs on a quartz system, always giving the precise time. Your teacher will love this Christmas gift.

“I Teach” Jumbo Tote

This gift idea has a very meaningful phrase. This tri-colored classic black tote is made of microfiber as well as its grey and white trim. It vastly expresses how complex a teacher’s responsibility is. They can use this bag for the laptops and other stuff. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and it has an over sized zipper for added style. This is a great gift for your teacher because it is so practical; they can use this durable bag even every day. You teacher will surely appreciate how useful this Christmas gift is.

Pocket Microscope

This small gadget makes things look bigger. This microscope is only as big as a lighter. This can really be a handy microscope for your teacher. This Christmas gift idea is perfect for Science Teachers. It has a very powerful magnification that can really help your teachers with her researches. This is an inexpensive gift but works really well. It has a built-in LED light that provides brightness to reflect clear images. It also has a rubberized eyepiece that provides cushion to your eyes for comfortable use. Your teacher will love this Christmas gift.

Pencil Shape Planter

Anybody who will receive this gift will really be delighted; this gift idea looks so attractive. These pencils look authentic and you may mistakenly think those are real pencils. This makes a great gift for teachers. It can hold flowers or pencils on your teacher’s desk. This is an attractive gift you can give your teacher. It looks pleasant on her table because of its lovely and bright colors. You will be pleased of its quality and practicality. This is really a good Christmas gift you can give your teacher.

Periodic Quest Game

Being a teacher is really a tough job. It is a stressing and exhausting job. They even sometimes brig their work at home. This gift idea will give them a little break off work. They can have fun and enjoy while polishing their periodic table knowledge. This periodic Quest game is a nice gift for Chemistry teachers. They can play with their students to. It is having fun while learning. This gift idea can help them teach the periodic element to their students easily and with added fun! This is really a smart pick for your teacher. This Christmas gift will help her a lot with her job as a teacher.

“Worlds Best Teacher” Tin Pail

This gift idea has a pretty design. It is a black pail with red interior with a message “World’s best Teacher” in a multicolor design. It looks so adorable and perfect for a lovely teacher. Teachers can put their stuff in this lovely tin pail like chalks, markers, stamps and many more. She can also put some candy in it as a treat for her cute and adorable pupils. This hand painted tin is a nice Christmas gift for a teacher.

Tiles of Infinity – Infinite Geometric Pattern

This gift idea is made of foam in magnetic shapes based on Penrose tiles. It has 100 tiles in blue and yellow colors. This can also help teachers introducing math to little children or they can just simply play with it and have fun. There are a lot of patterns to build. Since it has magnets at its back it can be played on the fridge, white board or on any magnetic surfaces. This is such a cool gift idea for Math teachers. They can have fun and teach kids with this Christmas gift idea. This is such a smart choice.

Exclusive Teacher Bracelet

This gift idea is exclusively for teachers only. This is a special gift for a special teacher. It has a silver apple charm that has a thoughtful phrase “Special Teacher” engraved on it. It has good quality and has a clean silver color. It can be used every day and it perfectly complement on any attire your teacher wears. This is very thoughtful Christmas present for your teacher.

Being a teacher is a noble and very rewarding job. Teachers have a big part on each of their student’s life. Their responsibilities don’t just stop inside their classroom. They have imprinted a lot in our lives. We learned a lot from them and this Christmas, showing a little appreciation will mean a lot to them.

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