Best Christmas Gifts for Husband: Be His Personal Santa!

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Be your husband’s Santa Claus this Christmas. Are you already decided what gift to give your husband? Do you want to surprise him with something unusual or unique? Why not take a look on his Christmas wish list so you have an idea? But if you are still clueless what to give him this Christmas, better take a look at this list of gifts suggestions that will be loved by your husband.

My Heart Will… Pocket Compass

Whatever direction he goes he will still come home to you. This little compass is handcrafted in Rhode Island and made from fine pewter. It comes with a lovely velvet pouch perfect for gift giving. This is a perfect gift for husbands who travels a lot. It is something to remind your husband that no matter how far he goes there is someone waiting and longing to see and hug him again. It has a phrase engraved on it saying: “My heart will guide you home” and when he opens it there is a small compass to show him his way home. A sentimental Christmas gift idea for your husband.

SeV Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece

Where else can you find a hoodie with 11 pockets? This gift idea is absolutely the best hoodie jacket ever, it has personal area network allowing your husband to manage the ear bud wires with the wires looks invisible with this hoodie jacket. This hoodie jacket is designed perfectly to fit a lifestyle of a busy and gadget lover husband. Even though it has 11 pockets it still feels light even all the 11 pockets are full. It comes in different sizes for comfortable fitting. This will surely be his favorite hoodie jacket!

Silver Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

This is not a real gun! This rechargeable screwdriver is really a funny Christmas gift idea for your husband. It only looks like a real revolver but it is actually a simple rechargeable screw driver, It comes with 6 different drill bits to fit any type of screw, it also comes with its AC adapter to refill its power. This gift idea is perfect for handyman husbands, those who love wood works and Do-it-yourself projects. Support your husband to what he loves to do. This screwdriver really looks like a real revolver, so better yet warm everybody in the house that it is not real.

Muzzleshot Shot Glasses

Warning: This gift idea doesn’t come with a bullet proof liver vest! This gift idea is designed after the A2 flash hider. Machined made with a very detailed design. It is made from solid aluminum hard coated anodized in grey color. It can hold up to 1.5 oz. of liquor. This is a great gift for husbands who loves collecting shot glasses, an officer or who loves to party. He will definitely say goodbye to your old and boring shot glasses and this will become his favorite. The next time you will have a party at your house it will look like a party warfare. He will surely love this Christmas gift.

Onyx and Mother of Pearl Hexagonal Cufflinks

This gift idea is really suitable for gift giving. It comes in a hard-sided gift box with a neat and presentable design. These elegant cufflinks are made of top-quality Mother of Pearl and Onyx materials in a silver tone mood. It is perfect for office use and formal events and meetings. It will compliment almost all colors. Each of this cufflinks is carefully finished by hand to ensure its quality. A unique design was made just for your husband to stand out! This Christmas gift is absolutely a good choice and practical too!

Yoda Slippers

This coming Christmas give your husband something to nestle his tired feet on after a long day of work. This is a good gift idea for your husband. He can sit and relax while his feet are comfortably sitting in this Yoda slippers. Yoda will comfort his aching feet. Just make sure you order the right size for him. He will love to have these soft and comfortable slippers. You will be surprised that he will now be more excited to come home with a welcoming wife and comfortable slippers!

Silk Necktie, Cuff Links and Handkerchiefs Gift Set

Made of 100% woven silk with blue floral pattern, this gift idea will really be a hit. It comes in a set of handkerchief, tie and cufflinks. This gift set has a fashionable design that will really get a lot of compliments. Your husband will stand out wearing this gift set. He can use it on formal occasions, business meeting or by simply dating you out. This is really a one special Christmas gift for your husband; it is as special as he is.

Batman Apron

Are you dreaming that someday your husband will have abs just like Bruce Wayne’s. Well this is the chance for you to have that dream be real. This Batman apron can turn him into a superhero physique in just a second. He will look robust with this apron. Let him be the kitchen superhero of the day! He will surely have a good laugh to see this Christmas gift. Maybe you can try getting a Superwoman apron for yourself so the two of you will be a team of kitchen superheroes! Imagine how he will look on this Batman apron.

Energy Therapy Bracelet

Fashionable and stylish Christmas gift for your husband. This gift idea is not just a simple bracelet but this actually uses a magnetic therapy system. It is embedded with four therapy elements such as magnets, germanium, negative ion and far infrared. Made of stainless steel with a combination of stylish shin and matte effect. It has an easy-to-wear fold-over clasp making this bracelet so comfortable to use. This has high quality, great value and beauty. This is a beautiful Christmas gift for your husband and he will love this for sure.

Dosh Desmopan Wallet

This is a fabulous Christmas gift for your husband. It looks like is made of rubber or plastic but it’s not. This gift good looking wallet is made of thermoplastic polyurethane that has a sleek and clean look. It is very durable and has a stylish design. It is somehow patterned to a tuxedo suit. It can hold up to 6 cards and folding currency slot. This newest modern style of wallet gives him enough space to hold his money and cards. He will really look more handsome with this wallet. You better put this on your Christmas list and don’t let your husband be left behind.

Whatever gift you give him, he will love it because it is from you. He wouldn’t ask for anything else but for you to stay beside him. Being a good and loving wife is all he wanted this Christmas.

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