Costume Gifts for Baby’s 1st Halloween


Halloween is fast approaching and if you have a young one or know of someone who has a baby celebrating his or her very first Halloween, we have a list of great costume gift ideas for the young fella. We have a mix of contemporary costume ideas featuring popular characters from today’s pop culture and we also have a nice selection of traditional and classical favorites like the baby pirate costume.

Whatever your taste might be, we are sure you will be able to find something that baby will look absolutely adorable in this Halloween. Happy haunting!

Soft and Comfy Pumpkin Infant Costume

Halloween and pumpkins are synonymous with each other so what better costume for baby than a Pumpkin Costume? This pumpkin costume is suitable for infants from 6 to 12 months. It includes both the pumpkin suit and cute pumpkin hat.

If mommy and daddy wants to get into the act together with the little halloween pumpkin, they can just put on these matching Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Unisex t-shirt.

Baby Princess Coronation Costume

Maybe baby girl is a little too young to understand the significance of this Baby Princess Coronation Costume but if she has an elder sister who is a big fan of Disney’s Frozen, I bet she will have a big kick out of having her little baby sister dressing up as Princess Anna. To complement this costume, big sister will of course have to dress up as Elsa.

This pettiskirt bodysuit comes in 4 different sizes that will fit newborns right up to babies about 18 months. The costume set includes the romper and the headband.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Cap’n Stinker

While contemporary costumes are fun but you can never go wrong with the classics such as this really cute pirate costume aptly named as Cap’n Stinker. The complete costume set consists of the cap and jumpsuit with attached vest and belt.

Best feature of the costume? If Cap’n Stinker lives up to his name and raises a stink, the costume has snaps for an easy diaper change.

Disguise Marvels Superhero Squad Hulk Infant Costume

Are the rest of the older kids dressing up as the Marvel Avengers this year? Do they need the Hulk as part of the team? This adorable baby Hulk costume comes complete with long-sleeve bodysuit and character hood.

This costume is a little on the larger side fitting babies from age 12-18 months and some parents even commented that it can fit 2 year olds. I guess baby Hulks are a little bigger sized than puny human babies.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Time Out

Do you know what is ironic about this costume? Both prisoners and babies spend a lot of time behind bars. This jailbird costume comes with cap and jumpsuit plus detachable “tattoo” sleeves to complete the harden criminal look. It also comes in 3 different sizes fitting infants from 6 months right up to 2 years.

Other features that I liked are the halloween date on the prisoner number and also that the use of snaps for quick diaper changes.

InCharacter Infant Skunk Costume

Besides stinking pirates and smelly babies, do you know what else causes a stink? The king of stink in the animal world, the skunk, of course. This stinky costume comes with a zippered bodysuit with attached tail and a hood with ears. It also has snap leg closures for easy diaper change.

In fact if the little one does cause a stink, you don’t even have to change the diaper because you can just say it is part of the costume. Peeyew!

Rubies Costume Co. Baby Peas in a Pod Costume

This is my favorite costume idea for the really young ones. This Peas-in-a-pod sleeper costume has long sleeves with elasticized wrists and hood. It comes in 2 sizes and is designed to fit babies up to 9 months old although some parents did warn that the costume is on the smaller side and more suited for babies up to 4 months old.

InCharacter Costumes Baby’s Baby Business

If you want your baby to grow up to be a stinking rich businessman (or woman), start him or her young with this Baby Business costume. This costume set comes with a cute fedora hat and jumpsuit with printed coat, tie and handkerchief. It comes in 2 sizes and fits infants from 6 months till 2 years.

Infant/Toddler Princess Leia Star Wars Costume

Star Wars characters costumes have always been popular during Halloween but this year, I expect the popularity to go up a few notches because we have a new Star Wars movie coming out at the end of the year. I couldn’t find any costumes from the new trilogy but this adorable Princess Leia costume is a good alternative as she will be making an appearance in the new trilogy.

This costume features the iconic Princess Leia hair buns headpiece, her white robe and a printed belt. This costume fits newborn babies right up to about a year old.

Rasta Imposta Boys Heintz Ketchup Packet Infant Bunting Costume

Anyone dressing up in the ever-popular hot dog costume this year? What is a hot dog without ketchup, right? This hilarious Heintz Ketchup Packet costume makes a great pairing to a hot dog costume but will work equally well on its own. It is a bunting type costume so it is ideal for an infant.

Chomp Baby Pacifier

I end this list with a “bonus” costume that is really not a costume at all. For parents who are too lazy to dress up their baby, I present the Chomp Baby Pacifier. A simple pacifier turns baby from just-another-baby to baby with bad teeth that looks super silly. Adults will give a double take and have a great laugh – all at the expense of the poor baby.

I am sure both parents and the costume gift giver will get a kick out of having the baby dressed up in any of the above costumes. Not too sure about the baby though lol!

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