Four Crafty Handmade Valentines Day Gifts That Will Swoon Her

handmade gift for women 2

If you want to put a little extra manual effort on your gift for her on Valentines day, you might want to choose to give her something handmade. The thought of you assembling the gift yourself will make her feel important and loved.

Check out these crafts that will make her fall in love with you over and over and over again.

Relationship Timeline

relationship timeline

A timeline of romance. This is what I can say about this gift item. This is perfect for those couples who had been together for quite some time now. And a good reminder for important dates to cherish. I liked the idea because personally I have problems remembering dates. It is so easy to make, just gather photos from a special occasion or holiday that both of you are with. Get a nice and sturdy album place a note on each important photos and your good. What makes this wonderful is that men are forgetful of these dates and if you do this your wife or girlfriend will be so surprised for you to make this gift idea. As a wife I will surely be delighted to have this as a gift from my husband. It makes me feel important and loved. To give you more insights on how to make one, go to The V Spot Blog where you can get some tips and instructions.

Forced Tulip Bulbs in a Reusable Heart-Shaped Container

Forced Tulips

You do not need to be too artistic or to have a green thumb to make one of this. All you have to have is a reusable heart-shaped tin container some soil and a tulip bulbs. Open the bulbs carefully, make sure you won’t over do it. If you can’t do it you can just buy forced tulip bulbs somewhere. I liked this idea because it is so simple but I find it romantic and sweet. Instead of giving her a bunch of red roses you can give her this handmade gift. Love is beautiful and delicate, just like these tulips it must be handled with care. This is a lovely gift idea and will surely make her fall in love again and again. To find instructions how to make this cute gift idea try to visit Michelle Smith’s Blog.

Handmade Stretch Bracelet


I was surprised to see my brother make a lovely bracelet like this. I never thought he can make wonderful bracelets. Love can really transform someone into a new being. His girlfriend loved it and she was surprised too. It is so easy to make, even for starters this will be a piece of cake. Get some lovely beads, stretchy beading cord, a pair of scissors and a little imagination and your good to go. You can try to accentuate it with some ribbons. Use her favorite colors or add a touch of red on it for Valentine’s sake. Just try to be little creative and you will surely make her smile with a gift made with love. If you are clueless how to make one, then check Happy Hour Projects for instructions.

DYI Valentine’s Day Solid Lotion Bars


I can’t imagine my husband making me a solid lotion bar. This will surely surprise any woman if their man will give them this Valentine gift. You don’t need to be crafty to make one of this. Heart shaped lotion bar is perfect for the occasion. Just follow the recipe very carefully so that you can make a perfect heart-shaped lotion bar. It will be easier for you to prepare all the materials you need before you start and make sure you already read the recipe before you make it so that you will be familiarized of the steps. This gift will last long and will remind her how sweet and thoughtful you are. To get the perfect recipe for this handmade gift visit Soap Deli News.

Handmade gifts can be more special than those you buy in store. They have more value and meaning. Handmade gifts are made from labor of love. Personal touch adds more value to your gift so don’t be scared to try it out. Be creative for the person you love. Use your imagination, sky is the limit!

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